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by RevBabyKiller

Part 76

The floating invisi-skulls are easy to defeat, but unfortunately they are quick to summon reinforcements

Invisi-skeletons! All the horror of an invisi-skull, with the added terror of fully functioning set of additional bones, which if this was a musical disney special could now be played xylophone style. But it's not, and the only music these bones make is the sound of creaky bones smashing Dashing Adventurer face

The fully upgraded, area-effect balls of fire will put those bones in the right place! Not inside a boneless corpse or anything, I was referring instead to hell

The inane map-based trickery in this level makes me yearn for a simpler time, when walls were walls and dwarves were thought to be extinct. By me at least.

A piece of dark glass hanging on a wall? Count me in! Now to do the only reasonable thing and walk face first into it. Which teleports me to the other side of the level. Of course.

But what's on the other side of this level?

The same enemies, but this time they aren't at all see-through

The blue yang. A fine addition this will make to my ever-growing collection of intricacies and trinketeries

Another mirror, another area packed with intrigue (fun and excitement must be in another part of the keep)

Who the hell are oh right that brownie chick. I'd forgotten about you after the hours and hours of mindless walking back and forward we've just done.

Why couldn't it always have been this easy? My war party now consists of characters who say what's on their mind in plain text and only speak when it's absolutely necessary. None of that "Lo, the north wall is not made of this earth" bullshit for them, nosirree

The map is starting to look a little like something. Note to self: look at map again later. If necessary.

Red ying, we meet at last.

Now welcome to the hell of forgotten items, enjoy your eternity in darkness, wedged between a green rock and a broken sharga sword, several slots below the pile o' shit

Probably the 402nd skull or skeleton I've had to fight here in squaresville. Still best to check it out, lest I get a blast of brownie magick to the back of the head

By Shaka Khan's ghost, why is my reflection burning me, and why can I not bring myself to look away? Damn you and your sexy torso, Mirror Image Drake!