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Stranded Deep

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: I am a rock, I am an LP Island - The Casual LP Thread



Stranded Deep is one of the myriad of Rust-like, first-person survival games that have flooded Steam in the past few years. SD has the benefit of actually being good, but it is still in Early Access after two years and, despite new updates to this day, sees little in the way of reaching completion or even fixing its core bugs.
That said, there's some entertainment to be had when you share the game with others and make your own goals. As such, this LP is a casual live-streamed playthrough (though still edited to remove long farming or traveling times) to show off as much of the game as possible. I'll explore every island in my seed, build a motored raft, fight the ocean life and make their corpses our mascots, and construct the most ramshackle and structurally questionable shack this side of Tim Burton.

Thanks to my chat being silly, watching BigTUnit1's LP of Skies of Arcadia might help this make more sense.

Updates are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Streams are Saturdays at my Twitch; the first stream (Parts 1-4) was on Hitbox, but my viewers had constant connection issues. The bitrate was also low, and that was fixed by the second stream.
The game is played on version 0.22, except for the final part which is played with the experimental 0.23 build.

(By crthemighty)
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