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About the Game

Stray is a 2022 puzzle exploration game created by BlueTwelveo Studio and published by Annpurna Interactive. It follows the story of a stray cat in a cyberpunk setting as it falls into a city populated by robots, machines and other strange creatures.

Along the way our catty friend meets B-12, a robot seeking its lost memory and together they embark on an adventure the likes of which most cats have seen before.

What does our illustrious kitty want? Treats? Head scritches? A more equitable society? All these things are things I hope to find out on this LP!

About the LP

Unsurprisingly I haven't really played through a game that came out less than a week ago at the time of writing, so this is a Blind Playthrough of the game. I don't imagine I'm going to get too lost but please have a little understanding if I meander about on this run.

Given the subject matter my talking will be more subdued than what you might expect out of my usual fare as I try to let you enjoy the world of stray whilst also giving a little insight into my own thoughts and processes.

Episodes will release on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 11pm BST, 6pm EST (or as close to that as I can manage) with cheeky Patreon early episodes for those who are really invested.

OP Art has been created by the amazing Bifauxnen



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