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Part 1: Season 1. Operation Kadesh (P-51D Mustang)

Season 1. Operation Kadesh - A Lovely Hebrew Mass (P-51D Mustang)
First, the campaign intro screen

TL;DR: Britain (using Israel and France) wants to grab the Suez Channel for , so they go all against Egypt. In real life they succeeded, but in the end both and told them to GTFO, although in different ways.

S01E01: 1956.10.29
Here are the shots of pre-mission screens (with Action's HUD ). Normally, I will stick to map only, but this is the first time, so there you have it.

Briefing: Where we find out, what our target is.

Map: Where we see, how far we need to go, and how well the war's going. Also, we can hover the mouse over all of those counters and find out their plane/tank type, their strength in numbers and the current mission. We can also drag our waypoints around a bit.

Loadout: Where we pick today's brand of death. The supply is limited, but usually generous. Fuel and gun ammo are always available.

Roster: This is fairly important. Here we see the pilot stats, which the developer never explained fully, but the higher they are, the better the guys perform. Most important, however, is the ability to click pilots to add them to the flight (or pull them off it). This way I can take more planes on a harder mission, or dump the AI when they would be a burden. The maximum number of pilots on a mission is limited by our plane reserves (squadron strength), shown only on the map screen. Oh, and constantly flying as a full squadron formation will burn through ordnance supplies, wear the people out, and the casualties will eventually skyrocket.

The mission video

Zshytt... thanks, YouTube!

In which I can't find a single reason to love the plane.

Post-mission debriefing. Normally, I'll sum it up in text and post statistics, but this is another first time.

Results. Where I see, that I lost one Mustang. I note in the commentary, but did not notice it while recording.

Statistics. Everyone loves round numbers, right?

Log. Who shot when and hit what. So, that one guy we lost ate a 37mm cannon round...

Roster. ...and survived. Only to be captured. AFAIK, that cannot be cured and he's gone until the end of the war.