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Part 6: S01E06: 1956.10.31

S01E06: 1956.10.31
The world waited with bated breath. It took us almost 24 hours to shag all the nurses, but now we're ready for the real action, and the war can continue.

At last, another CAS mission. Our strength dropped to 13. And there might be a small problem with the enemy numbers.

Either Egypt assembled a superweapon, or they managed to hide a hundred tanks in a desert, or somebody stole our intelligence. I take 12 planes anyway.

The mission video

In which we look into the face of the enemy

A quick and dirty job with 2 POWs left behind and a first confirmed KIA.
After this Egypt has only two tank units left.

P.S. I remembered the reason for the first infinite day of this war. When a designer sets up campaign data, they can specify dates for a major offensive. On those days event frequency goes through the roof, the attacking side gets insane supply and beats the shit out of everyone. Good news is, if all goes well we'll be on the receiving end of this nightmare in the attempt at Meteor campaign, and in every single Red [insert word] campaign. Nothing ever happens in Nam.