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Part 102: S17E05: 1979.09.21 (And the Kitchens Sink)

S17E05: 1979.09.21 (And the Kitchens Sink)

Three missions separate us from the end of the campaign. You'll see one of them, and one extra special raid.


The first mission you don't see. A dull CAP with one downed Bear-D and a stray MiG-27 we managed to kill before the rest got swatted by the fleet's SAMs.
The landing was a thing, however.

It looked OK at first

*one blackout later*

Fancy that... I have -160 speed?



The next mission is in a video below.


For the final mission I picked a heroic recon pass right over the scene of the final PT-76 unit being blasted by the Pattons and the Phantoms at that resort hub Egilsstaðir near the not-forest by the not-river. Gotta love this map.
Technically there were two Patton units, but the game spawned only one.

Recon missions are easy, so I missed the target waypoint. Twice.

Once I was done I tried to get some speed, and discovered that the glove vanes do work.

To see them you only need to go full afterburner in a straight line for about two minutes at 10,000 m. Fuck. These. Engines.

See "Four's bingo fuel"? That got me really worried, because we were flying in the default recon formation of two planes.
To be fair, this is the game that sometimes lets me load so many missiles the remaining stock counter shows -2.

Then I landed.

Ejection brought the happy end of the war.

Now for the thing we've all I've been waiting for. It didn't happen in the campaign, so I had to resort to the single mission generator.

We're told to intercept some Badgers directly attacking our fleet.

The missile cam mission video

In which we see how sane people sink ships

We shot something down! We helped!

It's a good thing this isn't a regular occurrence in the normal campaign.

Change tape. Rewind.

1979.09.21 12:45

This is the penultimate Northern Sabre mission, which was slightly more amusing than the alternatives. I believe, it was the cloud at the start that sold it.

The mission video

In which we hope to never see a lot of things again

It's as if they found a way to neutralize our missiles.

The end-of-campaign roster

The final text. Posted over the usual orgasmic Israeli Phantom art. Sure, why not.