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Part 11: Season 2. Operation Kadesh (Meteor F.8)

Season 2. Operation Kadesh - Go down, Moses (Meteor F.8)
No need for the campaign intro screen - it's exactly the same as before.

S02E01: 1956.10.29 (It's THAT day again)
The world of Strike Fighters 2 is split into two major sides, FRIEND and ENEMY. The unmodded game is designed for the player flying the FRIEND side.
This is the only campaign I'll be flying as the ENEMY, for two reasons:
a) This is one of the few campaigns, in which flyable planes are normally present on the ENEMY side.
b) This is one of the early campaigns, so surface-to-air missiles are not yet a part of standard air defences. The FRIEND side doesn't have a single model of SAM, except for those used by the ships in 1979. The entire West Germany or Israel? Not a single Western SAM unit, ever.

Now, to fly Egyptian you'll need to either unpack and edit some of the game's data files, or do it in the Campaign Customizer DLC. It's the kind of DLC, that lets you fly mercenaries on F-16s in 1965 Vietnam in a couple of clicks.

Like a P-51D, a Meteor F.8 won't offer you many loadout options. These rockets are new, though. They're fat, ugly, and drop like a stone.

Our generated roster is vastly different from the one in the Israeli campaign. We have 3 pilots with 3 kills already (something I hadn't noticed, until I finished the mission), but the squadron stats are utter crap. This happens, because in the game data there is a file, which defines training quality for every nation in the game. Most FRIEND countries are ranked really good. ENEMY nations are ranked at Star Wars storm troopers level, except for maybe the USSR pilots.

The starting squadron strength of six is not funny. I'll stick to flights of four, then.

The mission video

In which we celebrate the gains, lament the losses, rip and tear

Ah, much better! 4 personal kills in one mission. Two wingmen kills. One of those guys has 4 total now. I think, I'll be taking the leading three pilots for the next hunt.
We lost 2 planes, but we're defending and flying over home turf, so POW outcome is less likely. One pilot just shrugged it off, one pilot is wounded: we'll have to make do without Wafai for a while.

P.S. How am I actually supposed to pronounce Mystère? Speaking of, on my system the game skips "è" and any other symbol, that is not a part of a basic Latin alphabet. The German map loses umlauts in location names.