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Part 17: Sub-Season 3A. Red Tide (Mystère IV A)

Sub-Season 3A. Red Tide - Fetchez la Vache! (Mystère IV A)


Dear Mum,

They put me into a skw scu with some flying people to fly the airplains that go "wooosh", but which not many people want to see. Our commander says, that those planes and I are a match made in heaven, and that he hopes, that we stay there. He is a very nice man!
Our base keeps moving through time and space, so we see many different things in all sorts of places. I decided to start a scrapbook, and film the things I fly with my dij new camera. But a man from our ground cru people (who also straps me into the plane seat and gives me tips on the radio) says, he will speak over my recordings, because there is nothing but my wee"wheeeee!" there anyway, even though I don't drink that much water before flying any more.
So, mum, today (whenever that is) I explore a mysterious French plane! I hope, there are no gremlins in it.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

Right. The planes, that lose the votes, get one update showing them off in full campaign environment. If we can put all they have to demonstrate in one video, there will be one video. If not (like mutually exclusive weapons), then there will be more.

Let's start the B-reel

In which there is talk about weapon sales

Mystère brings up some new air-to-ground loadout options we won't see in the video. There's no point, since, regardless of choices, by 1982 everyone will be sick of those exact rocket pods and bombs.