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Part 19: Season 3. Red Tide (Hunter F.4)

Season 3: Red Tide - I Never Met a Man I Didn't Mutilate (Hunter F.4)
The quote is from the best film ever.

The intro screen art is in no way generic as hell. It's not that hard to take and smudge a screenshot, Third Wire.
The common story for all Red /Blah/ campaigns goes like that: The Warsaw Pact launches an offensive into West Germany for random reasons, but mostly vodka.
Might as well spoil the outcomes of those wars: winning = the Red Menace retreats, losing = the NATO reaches for the nukes and the world ends.

S03E01: 1956.11.17-18 (Assault & Battery)

Remember, how several missions into Operation Kadesh we'd meet almost every single squadron present on the map, since each side hardly even had a dozen?
Well, Germany is slightly different in that regard.

OK, very different.

Today's special is CAP in the area of a Red offensive. Shouldn't be too hard.

As an gun interceptor we don't get much in terms of extra gear.

The roster shows certain promise.

The first mission video

In which we meet our greatest enemy

We failed, but the tanks were pushed back.
Squadron strength down by 2, 2 pilots are permanently lost (KIA and MIA). Good start?

We advance a day, not due to injuries, but because this campaign has a different pace.

A sweep over what seems to be the closest enemy airbase. With Hunter's limited range we won't see most of the map this season.

The second mission video

In which we learn how Karl Marx can affect your gaming experience

Good day, although the one lost pilot ended up as a POW, and is going to experience the Soviet hospitality.