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Part 28: Sub-Season 4C. Red Thunder (Lightning F.1)

Sub-Season 4C. Red Thunder - Thorsday (Lightning F.1)
The theme of this update is


Dear Mum,

Those "miss-iles" were definitely named right, and they didn't even make good fireworks. They are all growling and smoke. The guys decided, I'm fine now, and can go and fly something different. Something to give me a good airing. They warned me, that it might be a bit wobbly again.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,

The B-reel #1

In which our plane has teething issues

The B-reel #2

In which both of our missiles track and guide

The B-reel #3

In which the action goes beyond stupid and embarrassing

That was literally all it has to show.

P.S. YouTube kept suggesting tagging the videos with "Lightning (Cause of Death)"