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Part 29: Season 4. Red Thunder (F-105D Thunderchief)

Season 4: Red Thunder - Rain-in-the-Face (F-105D Thunderchief)
The plot!

The USA sank some ships near Cuba, so the USSR started a massive offensive into the West Germany. What do they put into those cigars?

The game still insists on using that picture, due to being broken. Fine, stay that way
There is actually a smudged screenshot art of an F-105 squadron taking off in Europe in the files. I'll show it in the next update.

In the end I took the name suggestions and turned them into Flash "Lionel O" Storm. Let's make it a fabulous model-sized trainwreck.

S04E01: 1962.10.26 (Live Long and Prosper)

Today we strike against an enemy warehouse. It's, in fact, in the middle of a small storage complex, yet we need to blast just one building. Can't let the Evil Commies(TM) have that shipment of toilet paper.

This is our first plane to carry a non-laughable number of bombs, and to allow an asymmetric loadout. I wouldn't recommend the latter, because there's no trimming in SF2, and I'm done with planes trying to roll to one side all the time. The real reason this option is there becomes apparent in Nam.

A roster with no kills. Haven't seen that in a while.

The mission video

In which we're flashing

That's one way to score cheap air kills, but I should have let my wingman at them.

A cropped picture of those Beagles

Something I wanted to post with the last Hunter video, but forgot.
A magazine ad from a 1962 issue of Flight International. The original pdf page is in the Flightglobal archives.

The message is, that the rockets will look absolutely spiffy on your Hunter, AND will work wonders against a model of a Soviet amphibious tank.
Too bad, back then they didn't include free samples.