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Part 33: S04E05: 1962.11.08-14 (Will Somebody Shoot Me Down, Please)

S04E05: 1962.11.08-14 (Will Somebody Shoot Me Down, Please)

Yay, a blue counter-offensive is in progress! This has absolutely no effect on our squadron, as even CAS missions are a rarity.


A drilling tower (pictured) sounded like an interesting assignment, but the entire oil complex was levelled by another flight, before I had a chance to sink my teeth into it.


Runway! I haven't seen one since... the last update

Our old Hunter base now houses two squadrons, merely a loud drunken singing distance away from the Soviet base.

The mission video.

In which we, indeed, bomb a runway


A bridge is something as of yet unbombed, and it's also a type of target, that can confuse the new players and make them start questioning the game's logic.

The mission video

In which we meet our only real predator


Oh, look, another strike mission against the same airbase we saw trashed on the 9th of November. Where's a MiG-15 intercept, when you want it?!

The mission video

In which Europe has hills


I continue hunting fuel tanks solo with clean wings, while the ground forces push forward.


Armed recon. Trucks, meet Vulcan. Vulcan, meet trucks.

After that, I checked the map again, and...

A) I hadn't noticed it for a while, but there are three squadrons at Wittmundhafen now, getting sloshed with the Soviet crews.
B) An F-84F squadron has deployed in the middle of the Soviet territory. Ballsy, but the joke's on them. The air defence slots around the bases are filled based on the side, that owns the area. If any active flight tries to spawn there and take off, they're dead. I know that from experience.