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Part 34: S04E06: 1962.11.15-21 (It's a Fighter, Jim, Not a Bomber)

S04E06: 1962.11.15-21 (It's a Fighter, Jim, Not a Bomber)


Some hangar strike somewhere. I don't know, I slept in the cockpit again. The ground forces are playing poker.


There was a fuel tank there. It's gone now. The Soviet tanks try for a weak counter-counterattack.


The Soviet attack continues, as I take a couple of Sidewinders on a fuel tank strike.

The mission video

In which a bloody miracle happens

Everyone at the base is shocked, too.

They even give Flash a fucking medal.


Now an ace, I do another "fuel tank plus MiGs" run. The Blue forces are attacking again.

The mission video

In which there's Sidewinder sniping

One shot, one kill
Disregard all the other shots.


The front line falls asleep again. So do I.


It's the final push of the Soviet tanks on the morning of the final day. I resume MiG-hunting.

The mission video

In which there's much bloom

Our final roster. Not a single casualty or injury.

I'd love to post the campaign ending screen, but it's the very thing, that appeared at the end of the Hunter campaign. Word for word.
No one really plays these stock campaigns to the end that often, so I can't even check, whether it's a new issue or not, by trawling the forums.

So, here's the better other ending.


Notice, that it shows 8 kills, even though I save-scummed and replaced the deleted save of this campaign, which set me back to the morning of the 21st. The pilot stats are saved independently from the campaign progress.

The not-mission video

In which not a lot happens

As the nukes start to rain down, Flash "Lionel O" Storm is carried off by a transport plane of an unidentified squadron. While there, he travels though time and space, and later finds himself in an alternate universe, where the Soviets attacked in 1968. There he's squeezed into an F-4D unit, complete with all of his ranks, kills and medals.