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Part 37: S05E02: 1966 (SHOEHORN'd)

S05E02: 1966 (SHOEHORN'd)
I had to completely skip (load+quit) though more that thirty missions total between the two pilots to advance to their current time. Worth it, though.


As you see, the North is deploying more squadrons. They also have a couple of MiG-21F-13 units now.

The mission video

In which I'm feared by friend and enemy alike

Sometimes your missiles are too good.

A medal? Really?


The interceptor deployment changes in the following months. They have concentrated to form a cap over Hanoi and Haiphong. Just where we need to escort some Phantoms.

The mission video

In which the future of air defence is making noises

Some kills and no losses. A good day, considering how far in we had to go.

Everyone gets a medal!


Madurai posted:

Point of order: "shotgun" is the call for firing unguided rockets, which are also carried by SEAD missions, especially for aircraft not capable of carrying ARMs.
However, in the twisted world of SF2 the rocket use is never reported, and "Shotgun" is tied to ARMs.