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Part 38: S05E03: 1967 (Minor Inconveniences)

S05E03: 1967 (Minor Inconveniences)


Escort duty! In the same Vihn place as the last time. A hole, that even the Vietnamese don't care for enough to actually defend.

The mission video

In which the GUI strikes again

I warned about this in the second season!

I wasn't wasteful, although I'm not sure, that the unspent ordnance is returned to the stores.

But 11 months earlier...


Another escort run, taking the slowest plane on hand to the most remote target. Pure genius.

The mission video

In which the future looks dim

Put it this way - if our planes carry something, that something kills.

A medal for performing my duty under intense enemy fire...

Here's a link to some photos of that special bomb. It might not have the best text description of the event, but the bottom of the page is dedicated to the scale models of it.

And some photos

The real SA-2 blast.
Snatched here

Remember, how huge the F-105 is?
Snatched here

And this page will show you the sights of real SA-2 sites.

And lastly, a very dedicated Hungarian guy is coding a freeware SAM Simulator, which features a couple of SA-2 variants. Give it a shot, if you like something switch-based, like sub sims.

changelog posted:

Added the possibility to launch the V-760 15D (Guideline Mod.4) Nuclear tipped (15kt) SAM Missile, for the S-75M3 Volhov (SA-2E Guideline) system.

Galaga Galaxian posted:

Well, since he didn't include any picture of the Sani-Flush Bomb. Allow me.

When they arrived in the combat zone and were getting organized with their Forward Air Controller (Guy in a observation plane who tells them what to bomb) they listed off the ordnance they were carrying and ended with one special payload "code named Sani-Flush". When they explained to the confused FAC, he bemusedly insisted on having his pilot fly the plane alongside the Skyraiders so he could see it himself.