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Part 39: S05E04: 1968 (Weird Shit)

S05E04: 1968 (Weird Shit)


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a warehouse sleeps tonight.

The mission video

In which some moron tries to use optical guidance in a torrential rain

No need for stats, you saw every single round fired.


Smooth sweeping action in the heart of the enemy land. Limited offer!

The mission video

In which we, at last, wish, we had more missiles

Meh. They could do much better.


The roster

Right, then. Next update I'll finish the F-4B, and take a more advanced brand of the F-8 for a spin.

Note, that the total mission count for the three years of this shit is fifty-ish. Red Whatevers took half as many, and there were moving front lines, and enemy attacks. Rolling Thunder is just a slog to get through, and the greatest threat it offers is your brain going numb.

And speaking of brain going numb, a bonus video.

In which we try not to think too much about the F-8's safety record