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Part 55: S08E03: 1968.08.26-27 (Velites)

S08E03: 1968.08.26-27 (Velites)

You've chosen missiles.

Too bad, this character got zapped into open space at the very end of the episode he appeared in.


Is there no other squadron to send over there? A shitload of F-104s are sitting on the map since 1962 - I haven't seen a single one in flight yet.

The mission video

In which we somehow achieve success

Still not quite the abysmal performance you'd expect. No fatalities, no injuries.


Sure, I love chasing Fishbeds with an orca wale, that had its upper jaw removed.

The mission video

In which we do silly things, but at least we do something

That's more like it. 1-3 was lost in a crash, with the pilot merely "wounded".

The 24 hours starts now-ish. Guns or missiles?