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Part 58: Season 9. Red Hammer (F-4D Phantom II)

Season 9. Red Hammer - Join the Navy (F-4D Phantom II)
I take the same war and see, how a Phantom fares in it. It's going to be a short run.

With over a hundred videos in this LP, I'm really getting worried about repeating stuff I said earlier.
I also realized, I need to rework every earlier update, if I intend to prepare it for the archive. Let's try a revised format.

S09E01: 1968.08.21-22 (Fantastically Failing at Falconry)


It takes balls to use bright yellow to plot a route on the map, that's part light brown, part light green, part yellow, and all jpeg.

The choice or ordnance is finally too big for one screen.

Flash Storm returns to sow fear among the enemies, or to start another nuclear war.

The mission video

In which other squadrons are having much more fun

The Lightning was a bad influence on the bombing skills


I have a feeling, that to intercept our targets at that point we had to take off, before they did.

The mission video

In which we check out the special

I wish, I could bring 4500 rounds of ammo for the other guns.