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Part 66: S11E04: 1972.12.21-22 (Flight of the Kiwis)

S11E04: 1972.12.21-22 (Flight of the Kiwis)


The mission objectives still sound more like friendly suggestions from a guy with a very sick sense of humour.

The mission video

In which we go back to the AIM-9D

$3,000 reward. We're down to three AI pilots in the unit.


If you think, the map looks more dynamic, when you fly the proper side, you think wrong. The most exciting thing, that can happen, is a complete wipe of all NVAF squadrons, which forces you into eternal recon, strike and SEAD.

The mission video?

In which the AIM-9D still rocks

After waking up to the same nightmare three times in one night, Che looked at the clock, and gave it the finger. The clock responded with a perfectly timed alarm. Che told everyone to have a day off, flung himself into the cockpit and fell asleep.

So, yeah, I skipped the mission in the "real" campaign. $0 reward? Well, fuck you too, game: taking a fully fuelled F-8 with loaded guns to the runway costs me nothing. I can sleep through the entire war and SF2 mercenary mode has no means of stopping me.