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Part 67: S11E05: 1972.12.23 (Nevermore)

S11E05: 1972.12.23 (Nevermore)

Che carefully peeked into the hangar.

The mystery of the quiet nightly squeaking heard across the base was solved.
The planes were breeding.
Che pondered the possible solutions to the problem, as he headed for the briefing room for some free coffee and meaningless orders.

Whatever, game.

The mission video

In which we leave

Excellent, but not the good news I wanted.

That is what I wanted. This is what happens, if you lose too many people.

With our defeat the NV forces roll into Saigon, while the text tells us about the so-called victory.

Che looked at the departing B-52s from the deck chair at his aircraft ranch. The business was going splendidly, as young Harriers were selling very well. Even the Neshers saw some success, despite their lineage being very unclear; and the Crusaders sold once in a while, appealing to the most hot-headed seekers of the unusual. Che fell asleep, seriously considering expanding his operation into MiGs.