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Part 77: Vote #5

For the 1979 Red Lightning campaign

This campaign can fuck right off.
It introduces:
- a new Soviet heat-seeking missile;
- a Soviet SARH missile, which also comes in a heat-seeking variant;
- multiple variants of a new type of Soviet fighter, which can rip you apart, if you're out of missiles;
- a new short-range mobile Soviet SAM system, which likes to cover tanks, and has a 90% chance of killing the first plane to enter its range, if that plane evades and uses countermeasures.

The brief summary of options is provided in the supplied informational video.
Note, that I mention the types of countermeasures available for each type. They get no upgrades, since this war is fictional and TW likes to keep their variants historical.

The winner will get a 5(ish)-episode season, while the losers will get one episode each.

You're choosing a plane to fight an Evil Soviet invasion!

In this vote 3 options win, and you need to vote for 3 different ones in your vote post.

Vote in BOLD: F-4M, Lightning F.6, F-15A, Mirage 5BA, A-10A, Harrier GR.3 or F-4F.

I'll leave it open for about 48 hours.

F-4M          =
Lightning F.6 =
F-15A         ====================
Mirage 5BA    ==
A-10A         ====================
Harrier GR.3  =================
F-4F          ==
Everyone loves the new toys. Ok, the plan is:
The F-15, then the Lightning and the F-4M shorts, then the A-10, then the F-4F and the Mirage shorts, and then we die on a Harrier.