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Part 79: S13E02: 1979.09.28-10.02 (The Fastest Bar)

S13E02: 1979.09.28-10.02 (The Fastest Bar)

Not a hint of action on the 28th. Then I skip a few missions, but for this entire update there's no movement on the front line. Nothing. There hasn't been a single Soviet push after the first day. Maybe this whole "war" was made up by the media?


It doesn't really matter, where to kill everything.

The mission video

In which I talk of yet another plane not in this game

Imagine our kill totals, if I weren't skipping every other mission.


Intercept? Game, just tell us, where to fly: the specific target flight will most likely get mauled as a matter of course.

The mission video

In which I talk about people landing too fast, and explain the episode's title

Could be better, but Two didn't have much experience.

As for the second incident I describe in the second video, there are a few post-landing photos: one here, and two here. There have been worse belly landings with the pilot inside a plane.