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Part 82: S13E05: 1979.10.11-28 (Ace Combat)

S13E05: 1979.10.11-28 (Ace Combat)

I made a push and finished this campaign. You'll see a couple of missions, but some stuff happened in the off-screen flights. Like:

That time, when TWS actually helped me to avoid friendly fire

That time, when Two was yelling "Fox One!" while attacking the Badgers at this range...

...and then got shot down, and went into a climb...

...and he was still in the air, when I killed the Badgers, so the game froze on warp-out;

That time, when a different Two got hit despite flaring like a mid 90s JRPG

And that time, when I scored this in one mission

Some medals and promotions were awarded as well



The Reds still have planes? Inconceivable!

The mission video

In which we may be dealing with an enemy ace

Kills were scored, fun was had. I miss mutual head-on attacks. It's like jousting, but much more expensive to the peasants.

Ever wondered, what happens, if some enemy units get cut off? Here are my test subjects, I'll just cover the attack on Halle

Below comes the map of the very next mission.


The cut off tanks are instantly wiped out. By the way, my squadron ace list is so long, the game had to add a scroll bar (cut off of the shot).

The mission video

In which the grey terror fails at parking

We ran out of targets, before everyone had a chance to take a bite. My faith in the Soviet industrial might is undermined

As for the final roster with the kill totals, one has to spoiler that

I should not have skipped a mission or two.

P.S. The campaign "ending" is the same old text of "Peace is at hand" over Israeli Phantoms.

P.P.S. The Hungarian fire "engine"