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Part 91: S15E02: 1979.09.20-21 (Lightweight)

S15E02: 1979.09.20-21 (Lightweight)


Another hot springs episode.

The mission video

In which the CCIP has one of its moods

This "unguided weapons" gimmick is not good for our kill count.


Tanks can fend for themselves. We take a rest from CAS.

The mission video

In which some old acquaintances make an entrance

100% accuracy all around. Ditched ordnance drops out of stats.

Losses so far: 6 KIA
1 - Flogger guns
2 - Atoll
2 - Apex
1 - Gecko

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe a test pilot straps in to test the hovering flight model.

The hovering video #1

In which the FM is broken in one minute

The hovering video #2

In which we go bouncing across the plains

1st rule of Third Wire hovering: Don't