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Part 95: Season 16. Northern Sabre (A-7E Corsair II (74))

Season 16. Northern Sabre - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (A-7E Corsair II (74))

We are stepping into the realms of SF2: North Atlantic, the latest, and quite probably the last Third Wire's release for the PC.

Those crafty Reds!
This is a companion campaign to Red Lightning.

Here's the general map layout. Before you ask, no, there are no volcanic eruption events in the campaign. Could be hilarious, though.

Martin "Scuba Tank" Brody enters the scene.

S16E01: 1979.09.19 (Niceland?)


The Red tanks are still far away. We'll hit some supplies.

There isn't much in the new weapons department. I believe, the Tomcat campaign will be the last time we see anything new here.

We have Michael Moore on board. Let's hope he doesn't find a camera, because filming crap is my job here. Which nicely leads us into...

The mission video

In which we might redefine ugly

Dat blast radius


Suddenly the enemy is up close and aiming for our final strongholds.

The mission video

In which the tanks jump the shark

We've got a trigger-happy gunner in the unit. Good!

Oh, it's another one of those.

*Jaws music*