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Part 38: Suikoden Rune Compendium

Suikoden I + II Rune Compendium

Rune Magic in Suikoden I by vilkacis
Rune Magic in Suikoden II

As the LP ultrathread progresses, this particular post will be fleshed out and added onto with Runes added into the series per game as well as when certain Runes disappeared from the series. For at least I and II, screenshots will be taken of Runes that have a visible effect in battle.

Credit to Suikosource for background information.

True Runes

The True Runes come from Sword and Shield, who, upon battling, broke into pieces and created the world. These Runes come from the jewels that adorned both Sword and Shield, who themselves were born from a Tear shed by Darkness, the original creator of the universe.

(True) Beast Rune

Represents animalistic rage and passion, the high priest Sasarai of Harmonia gave this to the Blight family. However, its own will refused to let it be contained in Harmonia, so it traveled to L'Renouille, in Highland. Harmonia hid this fact and claimed it was a gift. Luca Blight sought out its power and, after sacrificing the blood of thousands of people, awakened its dormant powers. It can conjure golden wolves which cannot be truly defeated, and at its epoch it becomes a giant two-headed wolf. This Rune was defeated at the end of the Dunan Unification War, but it is unknown what happened to the Rune afterward.

Blue Moon Rune

Represents compassion and destruction, but also turns its bearer into a vampire. It carries a high curse that eats away at the bearer's mind until the bearer presents mastery over it. Sierra Mikain first took possession of the Rune, and went on a rampage. After understanding the Rune more, though, she tapped into its compassionate side, and created the Blue Moon Village of vampires with it. Neclord, a new resident, stole the Rune from Sierra. It was then recovered in the Dunan Unification War by Sierra as the Rune recognized its former master. Neclord sacrificed 100 live to it, but it's unknown what the full powers of the Rune are.

Eightfold/Yachifusa Rune

Owned by Yuber, little is known about it besides the ability to conjure thousands of monsters, as well as teleportation.

Sovereign Rune

This rune represents absolute rule, and has been an heirloom of the Rugner family, ever since Kranach Rugner founded the Scarlet Moon Empire. Before that, it belonged to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, and was protected in its Holy Capital Rupanda (later named Gregminster). Its full powers are a mystery, although it apparently allows its bearer protection from all Runes, as well as transformation into a three-headed dragon. Barbarossa Rugner embedded the Rune in his sword, the Dragon King Sword. After his fall from Gregminster Palace's balcony at the end of the Gate Rune Wars, this Rune disappeared.

Dragon Rune

This rune allows dragons to exist in the Suikoden world. This rune is owned by Joshua Levenheit, and it is important that the bearer of this rune continues to live as upon the owner's death, so too would all the dragons die. It can, like many True Runes, be passed to others. Even undead dragons may be controlled by this Rune, and its power depends entirely on the willpower of the user. A weak-willed user will not be able to control dragons as easily.

It is unknown why dragons cannot live in the Suikoden universe without the help of the Dragon Rune, though when they are in great pain they are known to create portals back to their original world, the “World of Wings and Scales.”

Gate Rune

This rune holds a connection to other worlds. Upon the destruction of the Gate Rune Clan by a heretofore unknown assailant, Windy and Leknaat split the Rune in half, giving it a “back” and “front” half.

Leknaat owns the back half, or the “exit” of the Rune. Her greatest threat ended up being Windy, who wanted her Rune to restore the full power of the Gate Rune. The back half was not powerful enough on its own to dispel Windy's troops in the final battle of the Gate Rune Wars, so the Dragon Rune was used by Joshua Levenheit to turn the tide of the battle.

Windy owns the front half, or the “entrance” of the Rune. Her desire to gain greater power to fight back against those who destroyed her clan drove her insane with power hunger. She scoured the land for True Runes, and eventually heard wind of the Rune of Life and Death, the Soul Eater, and its owner, Ted. She sought Ted for 300 years before finally capturing him, only for said True Rune to pass onto the leader of the Liberation Army, Tir McDohl. She was later killed by Barbarossa Rugner after their fall from Gregminster Palace's balcony. Her half of the Gate Rune is still missing.

Soul Eater, or the Rune of Life and Death

Kept away in the Village of the Hidden Rune, whose whereabouts are completely unknown, this Rune was owned by the chief of that village until the day, 300 years before the events of the Gate Rune Wars, that Sorceress Windy came seeking its power. The Soul Eater was then passed down to Ted on that fateful day, and he would go on to live 300 years with the burden. Finally, the Soul Eater found its final owner in Tir McDohl, leader of the Liberation Army.

The Rune constantly hungers for souls. This can range from feasting on the ravages of war, consuming the death around it, to taking the lives of those closest to its bearer. The souls of the latter are the most important, as they allow the Soul Eater to achieve its full potential. If the Soul Eater does not find souls to feed on, it will start to feed on its owner's soul instead.


Deadly Fingertips: Instantly kills a target.

Black Shadow: Deals 300 base Darkness damage to all enemies.

Hell: Instantly kills all enemies.

Judgment: Deals 1500 base Darkness damage to one enemy.

Night Rune

As of Suikoden I, all that is known about this Rune is that it has taken on a sword form as the Zodiac Sword, or Star Dragon Sword in its translation, and is currently owned by Viktor. It has the power to destroy vampires with a single blow. In Suikoden II, we learn that Sierra Mikain had some involvement with the Rune in some way or another. It took on the vampire Neclord twice, successfully defeating him the second time.

Rune of the Beginning

Represents the initial chaos of rebirth inherent in the creation times. It is always found separated into two components, the Bright Shield Rune and Black Sword Rune. Bearers of these two Runes are bound to fight until one is defeated by the other. No one knows its exact power, except that it can "judge war". In two endings of Suikoden II, the Rune pieces were reunited and carried, immortally, by Riou.

True Wind Rune

Owned by Luc, who used to be in the employ of Leknaat but was given to Tir McDohl as a recruit to serve in the Gate Rune Wars. All that is known about this Rune is its ability to summon Golems. It is the parent of the Cyclone and Wind Runes. During the Dunan Unification Rune, Luc used his True Wind Rune to summon powerful tornados that wiped out the Harmonian reinforcements that Highland had, and neutralized the True Rune the High Priest Sasarai was using.

Standard Runes/Child Runes

Fire Rune

The Fire Rune is commonly used because of its offensive capabilities, similar to the Lightning Rune. The Fire Rune, however, focuses on doing damage to groups more than the Lightning Rune does. It is the child of the Rage Rune. This Rune is given to Cleo by Leknaat in the beginning of Suikoden I.


Flaming Arrows: 100 base Fire damage to one enemy.

Firestorm: 150 base Fire damage to all enemies.

Dancing Flames: 400 base Fire damage to all enemies.

Explosion: 700 base Fire damage to all enemies.

Water Rune

The Water Rune is the go-to source for restorative powers in the Suikoden series. Mostly focusing on HP regeneration and status effect removal, the Water Rune is a good Rune to have available at all times. Its parent, the Flowing Rune, adds resurrection spells into the mix.


Kindness Drops: Heals all HP and restores status for 1 ally.

Fog of Deception: Raises the evade rate of all allies.

Suikoden II change
Protect Mist: Magic Repel % up by 20 percent for all allies.

Water of Kindness: Heals 300 HP and restores status of all allies.

Rain of Kindness: Restores all HP to all allies and cures all negative statuses.

Suikoden II change
Silent Lake: Prevents magic usage on the battlefield for three turns.

Lightning Rune

This offensive Rune focuses more on single-target damage. It is best-known for being equipped to Blue Lightning Flik, and being a permanent attachment to Sheena during the Gate Rune Wars. It is the child of the Thunder Rune.


Angry Blow: 150 base Lightning damage to one enemy.

Rainstorm: 100 base Lightning damage to all enemies.

Suikoden II change
Thunder Runner: 100 damage to an enemy column.

Raging Blow/Bolt of Wrath (Suikoden II): 600 base Lightning damage to one enemy.

Ball of Lightning/Thor Shot (Suikoden II): 1,000 base Lightning damage to one enemy.

Earth Rune

The Earth Rune is a basic support rune that sports defensive and support magic, as well as all-enemy attack magic that hits enemies on the ground only, completely missing flying enemies. Most people swap this Rune out for the its parent, the Mother Earth Rune. This Rune is also noteworthy for being pre-equipped to many characters in the series.


Clay Guardian: Supposed to increase Defense, but in actuality does NOTHING in Suikoden I. Corrected in Suikoden II to increase DEF by 50%.

Voice of Earth: 300 Earth damage to all ground-based enemies.

(lol they're flying)

Suikoden II change
Revenge Earth: 100% counterattack rate for one ally.

Copper Flesh: Locks the HP of 1 ally for three turns, no damage or healing possible.

Suikoden II change
Canopy Defense: 100% Magic Repel rate for all allies, lasts for one spell.

Earthquake: 700 Earth-based damage to all enemies.

Wind Rune

The Wind Rune balances offensive magic, healing, and a sleep spell. The spells on the Wind Rune have moved around over the course of the series for some reason. It comes pre-equipped to Luc and Odessa during the Gate Rune Wars. It is the child of the Cyclone Rune.


Wind of Sleep: Has a low chance of inflicting the Sleep status on all enemies. Works best on enemies of a far lower level than the caster.

The Shredding: Deals 400 base Wind damage to one enemy.

Healing Wind: Heals all HP and cures negative statuses on one ally. This and The Shredding are swapped in Suikoden II.

Storm: 500 base Wind damage to all enemies.

Suikoden II change
Storm Warning: 100% magic repel for self, usable for one spell.

Alert Rune

After three rounds of combat, this Rune activates the Hyper/Alert status on the user, which makes magic 50% more effective.

Angry Dragon Rune

Oulan uses this Rune in II, and it causes her to inflict a series of punches, then one upward punch that sends an enemy upward. It can only be used once for 2x damage, but if the character is Berserk, this Rune can be used infinitely.

Balance Rune

A subset of the Turtle Rune in terms of usability, this Rune prevents the Unbalance status, which is handy for a number of characters who either Unbalance after Rune usage or after Unites.

Banshee Rune

Absorbs HP equal to the amount lost on a character from another ally, but is limited to the target's current HP minus one.

Barrier Rune

Incredibly easy to miss in both games (II, III) it is featured in. In II, this Rune increases your Magic Repel % by your Magic stat divided by ten. Stacks on top of preceding Magic Repel %.

Black Sword Rune

Used by Jowy, this is one part of the Rune of Beginning. It represents offense and and devastation. Its spells are primarily based around offense and instant death. You have very few chances to use this Rune.


Flash Judgment: 120 non-elemental damage to one enemy.

Twinkling Blade: 100 non-elemental damage to all enemies, and has a chance of inflicting instant death (30%).

Piercing One: 700 non-elemental damage to an enemy.

Hungry Fiend: 1,200 non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Blinking Rune

Found fixed to Viki in II, but found elsewhere and equippable on others, this Rune focuses on teleportation. It is not, however, a reliable Rune in the slightest.


Ready!: Teleports one enemy away/failure: teleports one ally away.

Set!: 150 non-elemental damage to all enemies/failure: 150 non-elemental damage to all allies.

Go!: Teleports all enemies/failure: teleports all allies.

Blue Drop Rune

Used by the krakens Abizboah and Rulodia, it has three different levels dependent on the max Magic level available, regardless of usable MP. It deals 1.5x damage to one enemy at level 1; 1x damage to 1 an enemy row at level 2, and 1x damage to all enemies at level 3.

Blue Gate Rune / Pale Gate Rune

It is a child of the Gate Rune, and conjures summons, the only Rune to do so in the series. Each spell has a different elemental affinity, and is affected, damage-wise, by its user's own affinities. It can only be attached on the forehead, and comes affixed to Mazus.


Open Gate: 50 Fire damage to one enemy, affected by Fire affinity.

Kings Road: 150 Lightning damage to all enemies, affected by Lightning affinity.

Pale Palace: 400 non-elemental damage to all enemies, affected by Water affinity.

Empty World: 900 non-elemental damage to all enemies, 90 non-elemental damage to all allies; affected by Water affinity.

Bright Shield Rune

Wielded by Riou, it represents the defensive, protective nature of the Rune of the Beginning. Whoever bears this Rune and the Black Sword Rune are fated to fight.


Great Blessing: 70 HP restored for all allies, cures negative statuses.

Shining Light: 130 Shield damage to all enemies.

Battle Oath: 300 HP restored to all allies, cures negative statuses, and can inflict Berserk on all allies with a 50% chance.

Forgiver Sign: Heals 2,000 HP, divided among all allies, and cures negative statuses. Whatever is left over after healing the party is then used to inflict Shield-type damage on one enemy. If the party's HP loss exceeds 2,000, the spell fails.

Boar Rune

Likely the first Rune you ever see in the series. Can only be used by characters who wield claws or gloves. When it is used, it unleashes a series of strikes, but at the cost of the user's balance. However, since you deal 2x damage, an Unbalanced character can still use items or the Dragon Seal Incense to heal the party. This Rune can only be used by Pahn, Eikei, and Morgan. It then disappeared from the series until V.

Champion's Rune

A passive Rune, it honors the strong warrior who wields it by ridding its user of random encounters in the field. All enemies of a lower level than the user will not be encountered, and it is usually used for backtracking. The first instance of this Rune in the series was in the Warrior's Village.

Chimera Rune

Transfers a negative status from its user to another ally. For positive statuses, it will remove the status but not transfer. This Rune is only seen in II.

Clone Rune

The Clone Rune creates a mirror image of its user to deal double damage to a foe. Like the Boar Rune, it inflicts Unbalance immediately afterward, but it is only available to sword users. This Rune is only seen in I.

Conqueror Rune/Black Rune

During the Gate Rune Wars, the Scarlet Moon Empire's magician, Lady Windy, gave this Rune to two of its generals, Kwanda Rosman and Milich Oppenheimer. This Rune allowed them to be mind-controlled, and thus were ordered to do things they wouldn't normally do. Kwanda, under its power, slaughtered the Village of the Elves using the Burning Mirror. Milich, on the other hand, created a giant poisonous flower named Antoinette to protect his Scarleticia Castle. During the raid on Soniere Prison to rescue Liukan, the only man in the Toran region who could concoct an antidote to the flower's poison, Milich kills Gremio, trusted friend of Tir McDohl, with man-eating spores, under the influence of this Rune.

This Rune also allows its user power over monsters, as evidenced by the creatures that roam both Pannu Yakuta Castle and Scarleticia Castle.

While it seems this Rune may be a True Rune, it's more likely that it is an offshoot or child of Barbarossa's Sovereign Rune (he himself is unaffected by the Black Rune's power).

Counter Rune

The Counter Rune symbolizes evasion and striking back, which is exactly what it does for its user. Best put on characters with both high attack power and high Skill, this Rune increases the chance of a character to dodge an attack and immediately strike back (by 150%). This Rune has been a common, easily-bought Rune in every game in the series besides Suikoden II.

Darkness Rune

A child of the Soul Eater Rune, this Rune was available in the Saturn version of the first game but was then removed. It only uses two of the spells from the Soul Eater, and comes equipped to Sierra Mikain. It is, however, also buyable.


Finger of Death: Inflicts instant death on one enemy.

Stealer of Souls: 300 Darkness damage to one enemy, and restores the health of the user by that same amount.

Final Bell: Inflicts instant death or 500 Darkness damage to a row of enemies.

Black Shadow: 500 Darkness damage to all enemies.

Double-Beat Rune

This Rune allows you to strike twice in a row, but at the cost of being hit twice as hard if an enemy evades your attack and counters. This Rune comes affixed to Eikei, and while most people might believe it is permanent, it is a Rune you can attach to other characters.

Double-Strike/Double-Edged Rune

Increases physical damage by 1.5x, but also increases damage received by 1.5x. Good for characters who equip heavy armor.

Down Rune

One of the exclusive weapon-based Runes found in II with the addition of the weapon-embedding system. This Rune works well on many enemies and bosses in the game, by inflicting Knockdown/Unbalance with a 30% chance.

Draining Rune

This Rune restores HP by 1/3rd of the damage done on a critical hit, as it only works during critical hits. Combined with a Killer Rune, it can be useful.

Dryad Rune

Subtracts one use of level 2 MP to give two uses of level 1 MP to its user. Can be used only if the user's level 1 MP is not maxed out, and there is level 2 MP available. Good when paired with the Magic Drain Rune.

Exertion Rune

Found only in II, it starts a character off with 1.2x attack power, but after six turns, the character has 2.2x attack power, the maximum bonus from the Rune.

Falcon Rune

Typically attributed to female fencers and knights, aside from Suikoden V, the Falcon Rune consists of a series of strikes that does not lead to an Unbalance on the user's part. This Rune deals 3x the damage of a normal attack, and gains a special attribute in Suikoden II, the ability to critical hit. This Rune is always fixed to one (or two characters) and cannot be removed nor bought. In II, this Rune can break the damage limit in the game easily.

Fire Breath Rune

Used by Bolgan as a circus trick, this II-only Rune inflicts 2x Fire damage to an enemy, then unbalances the user.

Fire Dragon Rune

Zamza infused his punches with fire to create this Rune. It inflicts 2x Fire damage to an enemy, but the user takes a good chunk of that damage in return. This can be negated with the Fire Sealing Rune. Only seen in II.

Fire Lizard Rune

Similar to the Fire Dragon Rune, it adds the same effect to a user's normal attacks, except at 1.5x damage instead. It does, however, work on counterattacks or multiple attacks on the same target. Also only seen in II.

Fire Sealing Rune

Situational in usage, and best paired with the Fire Lizard or Fire Dragon Runes. It negates fire damage, but increases damage from Water or Ice by 2x.

Firefly Rune

In II, this Rune attracts attention to its user in battle, but only for normal attacks. Good for characters with high defenses. It is a child of the Great Firefly Rune.

Fortune Rune

The Fortune Rune doubles the amount of experience gained after battle, and can be used in level glitching and tricks in the series. The only place in the Suikoden world that this Rune can be bought is in Kirov, near Lake Toran.

Friendship Rune

Only seen in II, this weapon-embed Rune adds attack power based on the number of Stars of Destiny you have divided by 2, and it also takes non-Stars into account.

Fury Rune

One of the most popular Runes in the series, it inflicts Berserk all the time in II, III, and IV.

Gale Rune

The Gale Rune increases a character's speed stat by double in Suikoden I, effectively, giving that character the chance to act before anyone else, including enemies.

Gozz Rune/Minotaur Rune

For axe-users, it inflicts 1x damage to a row of enemies and then Unbalances the user.

Great Hawk Rune

Inflicts half damage to all enemies, but for bow users only.

Groundhog Rune

Found only in II attached to Millie, the Groundhog Rune turns her pet Bonaparte into a giant Lovecraftian monstrosity. It deals double damage but can only be used once per battle, and is useless since Millie has low attack strength.

Hate Rune

This Rune comes affixed to Ronnie Bell and only her, in the entire series. It sends a huge fireball at an enemy for 3x damage with no Unbalance. Despite sending out a fireball, it is not innately a Fire-based attack, but can take on the elemental property of Ronnie Bell's weapon, whatever that might be.

Haziness Rune

This Rune comes with Kai early in Suikoden I, and raises Evade by 130%. This Rune dropped out of the series after III.

Holy Rune

Only seen in Suikoden I, this gives your main character the ability to dash. However, subsequent entries included this feature innately, so this Rune became useless. It is possible to find this Rune off of Mosquitoes around Gregminster in the early part of the game, but otherwise you'll have to wait until much later to be able to dash. I consider this Rune to be invaluable unless you use Stallion.

Howling Rune

Inflicts Berserk 100% of the time on all monster allies, and comes affixed to Badeaux in II.

Hunter Rune

The first enemy hit with this Rune will drop an item if they have one. However, it lowers your accuracy to 5% and your damage dealt will be 1. Best used in conjunction with an enemy that is asleep.

Killer Rune

One of the best Runes in the series, the Killer Rune increases critical hit rate by 150%. This Rune alone can help break any game in the series.

Kindness Rune

A broken Rune found only in II, it adds 1 ATK for every stat stone used on the wielder, as well as for every hour that character is in the active party. It subtracts 1 ATK for every battle ended while KO'd. These are born from a hidden "Kindness" stat, of which it's possible to make negative. When that happens, a bug occurs and the ATK stat loops around to 999.

Kite Rune

For shuriken users, it inflicts half damage to all enemies.

Knight Rune

Increases blocking rate to 100%, and will make a character take damage for another who has less than 35% HP, if possible.

Lion Rune

For claw users, it causes 1.5x damage to one enemy, but lowers Magic and physical defense by 50.

Listening Rune

Given to the main character by Badeaux, it allows Riou to talk to and recruit other animal characters (Abizboah, Sigfried, Feather, and Rulodia).

Magic Drain Rune

A successful hit restores your level 1 Magic by one use, but with 20% chance. It lowers accuracy by 15%.

Mayfly Rune

Damages a row of enemies by 1x, but then unbalances the user. Comes affixed to Mondo, and then is never seen in the series again.

Medicine Rune

Automatically uses a Medicine-type item on an ally if their HP is below 35%. Comes affixed to Tuta. You can stock Tuta with Mega Medicines to make sure he's always healing lots of HP.

Nymph Rune

With a higher Luck stat of the wielder, a better level effect is chosen more likely. The command targets 1 enemy, although this matters only when Effect #4 occurs.

All effects are Magic based, which means Magic will be added to the base damage or healing

Effect #1:
50 non-elemental DMG / all allies
Effect #2:
100 non-elemental DMG / 1 ally chosen at random
Effect #3:
Heals 150 HP / 1 ally chosen at random
Effect #4:
100 non-elemental DMG / 1 enemy
Effect #5:
50 non-elemental DMG / all enemies

Phero Rune

Can cause its user to block attacks against characters of the opposite gender, but it's not entirely reliable.

Pixie Rune

Comes attached to Luc, this Rune is almost totally useless. It deals damage based on 20% of the character's Magic stat. Does not check for defense, and is only for staff users.

Poison Rune

Inflicts Poison with a 40% chance, a weapon-embed Rune.

Prosperity Rune

Doubles the amount of money received after battle. Like the Fortune Rune, this Rune can be acquired in the first hour of the game provided you either go to Sarady on your own or take Ted with you. Suspiciously missing from Suikoden III.

Rabid Fang Rune

Affixed to Bob, it turns him into his lycanthrope form for three turns. During these turns, he can only attack, use an item, or defend. It increases his strength and defense by double, his magic defense by 1.5x, his speed by 1.5x, and makes him regenerate 50 health per turn. After the three turns are over, he loses the form and takes 50% of his current HP in damage.

Resurrection Rune

Providing both resurrection spells and the only source of Holy damage in the series, the Resurrection Rune is woefully underused by most players. This is mostly attributed to how its power has downgraded between games. While this Rune can be found in the Lorimar region, most players will only ever see it permanently affixed to Fukien, and then promptly never use it.


Scolding: 70 base Holy damage to one enemy.

Yell: Heals 33% of max HP, resurrects one character, and heals negative statuses.

Scream: 400 HP to all allies, and restores status.

Charm Arrow: 500 Holy damage to all enemies. In Suikoden II, this spell is swapped with Scream.

Shining Wind Rune

Fixed to Feather, this Rune does damage based on the max MP level of the character. At level 1, it deals 1x damage to one enemy, or 1.5x damage to a flying enemy. At level 2, it does .66x damage to an enemy row or 1x damage to flying enemies. At level 3, it does 0.5x damage to all enemies and 1x damage to flying enemies.

Shrike Rune

This Rune can only be used by female ninjas, and causes them to rush towards an opponent, grab it, jump high into the sky and then bring it downwards on top of their heads. The attack pattern of the Shrike Rune must be taught, affixing the Rune does nothing on its own.

Silence Rune

Inflicts Silence with a 20% chance, a weapon-embed Rune.

Skunk Rune

The opposite of the Firefly Rune, it makes enemies unwilling to target the user with normal attacks.

Sleep Rune

Inflicts Sleep with a 20% chance, a very useful Rune when used for Hunter Rune item-gathering.

Sound Rune

Only found in Suikoden I, Melodye's Sound Rune allows the player to change the sounds of menu confirmation and canceling in various menus of the game.

Spark Rune

Only found in I and II, the Spark Rune makes all characters after its user attack immediately afterward. Best put on a character with high Speed, this makes up for tank characters who have low Speed stats. This can be combined with a Gale Rune in Suikoden II to allow the whole party to act before the enemy has a chance.

Spider Slay Rune

Used by Shin, it incorporates his Eight-Slash Sword technique. This Rune deals 3x damage to an enemy, but is only usable once a battle.

Sunbeam Rune

In Suikoden 1, this Rune heals 1 HP per step of the entire party on the field, and gives a 5 HP regen/turn for the user. In Suikoden II, it regenerates 15 HP/turn, but only heals the user 1 HP per step on the field.

Swallow Rune

Fixed to Genshu, it deals 1x damage with a 30% chance of inflicting Instant Death. It then unbalances the user.

Sylph Rune

Takes away two-thirds of the current HP of the user, then restores 33% of the loss to all allies except the user. Only seen in II.

Technique Rune

Affixed to Hoi, but found elsewhere in II, this Rune has a 40% chance of stealing potch from the enemy, once per foe. It can only steal up to 1x the potch reward from that enemy if it is a regular for, or 0.3x the potch reward if it's a boss.

Titan Rune

Deals 1.3x damage to one enemy, but makes the user's turn come last. For two-handed sword users only.

Trick Rune

This Rune is only available to trickster-type characters, and is absent in IV. Deals 150% damage and is affected by elemental properties on the user's weapon in Suikoden I. In II, it deals 300% damage but is only usable once a battle.

True Holy Rune/Godspeed Rune

The mistranslation led many players to believe this is a True Rune, but it is not. Its unique ability is to provide both a dash on the main field as well as on the world map (the latter ability remains for the rest of the series). This Rune is missing in III, and we are first introduced to it by quick-on-his-feet Stallion.

Twin Ring Rune

Used by Karen the dancer, it allows her to do 2x damage in a series of flips and kicks. It unbalances her 30% of the time.

Turtle Rune

Prevents all negative statuses, including Unbalance. Only found in Suikoden I and Suikoden V.

Unicorn Rune

Deals 1x damage to a column of enemies, but makes the user's defense 0 for the next turn, for spear users only.

Violence Rune

Part of one of the great Rune combos (with Killer and Double-Beat, this Rune will make its user go berserk if the damage received by an enemy is greater than or equal to 50% of that character's max HP. On that character's next turn, their attack is tripled, which stacks with Berserk and a critical hit, for a max of 9x attack power.

Viper Rune

Inflicts instant death on an enemy, but reduces accuracy by 1/3rd for that turn.

Waking Rune

Wielder starts the battle asleep, but becomes Berserk if woken up.

Wall Rune

Increases defense by double, but cannot take any actions. Hard-to-get Rune in II.

Warrior Rune

Increases strength by defense divided by four, but reduces defense by half afterward.

White Saint Rune

Used by the horse Sigfried, it is known as forest magic.


Shining Pupil: 120 Lightning damage to one enemy.

Moonlit Forest: 200 Lightning damage to one enemy column.

White Priestess: 400 Lightning damage to all enemies.

White Tiger Rune

Inflicts double damage, but triple damage if near death and has a different animation. It inflicts Unbalance on Wakaba 50% of the time, but Long Chan Chan 20% of the time. Not seen again until Suikoden Tactics.

Window Rune

Ideally, it helps a craftsman build exceptional windows. In-game, however, it allows you to the change the border and color of text windows.

Wizard Rune

Increases magic by magic defense divided by four, but reduces magic defense by 50 afterward.

Parent Runes

A trait of Parent Runes is that they take the last three spells of their child's skillset and makes them the first three of their own skillset, while adding on a single new spell that is more powerful than the rest.

Cyclone Rune

First found on Crowley, but also dropped by an enemy in the Dragon's Den.

Shining Wind: Deals 500 Wind damage to all enemies and heals 500 HP to all allies while also curing negative statuses.

Flowing Rune

This Rune gives the Water spell skillset a resurrection ability.

Mother Ocean: Heals all allies to full, resurrects any dead allies, cures negative statuses. Was downgraded to a single ally in subsequent entries.

Mother Earth Rune

Adds a single, broken spell in Suikoden I that does nothing.

Guardian Earth: Supposed to add Defense to the whole party, but does nothing.

Thunder Rune

First found affixed to Grenseal, and is dropped by enemies outside of Gregminster.

Thunder God: Deals 900 base Lightning damage to all enemies.

Rage Rune

First found affixed to Alen, and can be found in a hidden chest back at the top of Neclord's Castle.

Final Flame: 900 base Fire damage to all enemies.

Unite Magic

In Suikoden I and II, this is based off of using level 4 spells at the same time of corresponding Runes, be they the child or parent Runes. These create some of the most damaging attacks in the game, and some of its best healing.

Scorched Earth: Deals 1,300 base Fire and Earth damage to all enemies.

Blazing Camp: Deals 1,500 Fire and Lightning damage to all enemies.

Thor: Deals 2,000 Lightning and Water damage to one enemy, revives all allies, heals all allies to max, and cures statuses.

Storm Fang: Deals 1,000 Earth and Wind damage to all enemies.

Water Dragon: Deals 800 Water and Wind damage to all enemies, heals HP to max, revives allies, cures statuses.