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Part 49: The Attack on Greenhill

With the Neclord sidequest out of the way, we can now focus our attack on Greenhill. Here is what would have happened if we ran away, then came back, to fight Neclord. Koyu and Marlowe play the hero, and fail.

Back in Crom Village, we can talk to the elder and receive the Sunbeam Rune. In II, this Rune has less effectiveness – it heals 15 HP/per turn in battle for the user, but only recovers 1 HP per step on the field for that character only.

Abizboah, Rulodia, and Chuchara are now available for recruitment, but I'll let TWD cover that.

Next we go back to the Drakemouth-Tigermouth Pass to talk to Georg.

We ask him who he is, and all he tells us is that he's a humble traveling soldier.

: How is it, young man? Is fighting tough? Well, it wouldn't be fun, would it. What do you think about hiring me? It's funny to say it myself, but I'm pretty strong. What do you say?

In return, we have to promise him to never give up.

Georg is yet another character who joins at level 99. He is one of the strongest characters in the game, but he's hampered by his one rune slot. So, even if he's at max level, other characters with more rune slots will outdamage him.

The only reason to ever use both Gengen and Gabocha is their awesome, uncommon Kobold Attack Unite. Normally, the Kobold Attack will have Gengen hit an enemy with his sword, and Gabocha hit them with his slingshot, then Gabocha is unbalanced. However, occasionally, this will occur, and they summon the entire Kobold Village fighting force to run through the enemy. The 100 Kobold Attack deals 3x damage to all enemies and unbalances both characters. Normally, this has a 20% rate of occurrence, but if you acquire the Dog Whistle accessory through the rope climbing minigame, the chance increases.

Back in South Window City, we recruit the great priest Gantetsu. To recruit him, your party must have a combined STR stat total of 400 or more. Easy to do at this point in the game.

Everyone gets together and pushes him backwards.

Gantetsu is the Fukien of this game, a great priest who isn't really the greatest in battle.

Like Fukien, he joins with a Resurrection Rune but not an impressive Magic stat. Unlike Fukien, his Rune is not fixed.

If Sheena's in your party, nothing happens, so you might think there's nothing else to do right now. As always, head to the Great Hall.

Oh Mikumiku.

Deal with it.

Shu informs us that now is our chance to take Greenhill. Apparently, it's under the command of Yuber at the moment.

Sheena offers to become vice-general, just to represent the Toran Republic and also to get some pussy.

I'm bored with useless side-stuff, let's move the plot, and fuck off Sheena.

And here's what happens if we let Ridley die. His son, Boris Wizen, takes his place.

How sly of him.

We can view more scenes at night just before the attack. If you saw the first scene with Nina and Flik, you can also view the second one.

: What were you thinking about?

: I told you before. It's none of your business.

wow translation goofs all up in this last quarter of the game


: You still can't forget her?

: It's not that...

: Then what... ?

: Odessa wasn't just my lover... to me... she was the only person I ever really looked up to. She taught me... a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of life. She's the reason I came back the man I am today. So it's not that I can't forget her... I don't want to forget her.

: Learn some manners!! It's none of your business...

: Why? I say it is my business.

: None of your business, brat.

: You've got some nerve!! Brat!! Brat!! Brat, you say!! I spent all this time thinking about your happiness!! What good will it do you!! Thinking about this dead person all the time!! You'll make yourself sick with grief!!

: I'm sorry I yelled... but I.. I was thinking about how stupid I was... not to appreciate what I had. I was just a young fool...

: Please forgive me...

: You're wrong!! My feelings about you will never change!!

: Really... we'll see.

Ye gods this scene dragged on longer than it needed to.

Chaco can be found in the stairwell between the first and second floors.

: Hey Azure, you're incredible. At first I was worried a small fry like you couldn't protect us. But you've become a great leader. We know that fighting alongside you means protecting the city. I know it's not easy, but we're all counting on you.

: Yeah, that's right...

: It's okay. It's okay.

I remember the last time we did that. I got a knife in the shoulder.

Yes, Captain Gengen!!

: My lord, I hope we have a strong and healthy son who is just like you.

: Huh?? Yo, Yo, Yoshino...

: But why? It's war, daddy. No matter how strong you are...

: That's true, I might lose my life. One never knows...

: So then why?

: Listen, honey. All I ever did was make your mother sad. Don't pretend it isn't true. Listen, Tomo, if I'm killed in battle, tell your mother you couldn't find me.

That's it for hidden scenes. Time to head back to our room.

Hello there, assassin.

: I am your death!!

Like in the first game, this is really just 'take potshots at one another'. Her strongest move is from her Fire Rune.

She basically will just cast Explosion, but it doesn't do a ton of damage.

: If only you were dead, this damn war would end too...

It doesn't matter what you choose, she'll escape if you imprison her.

Honestly, not too bad. I mean I got whipped a few times, and set on fire, but I have a badass Rune and stuff.

WHOA slow your roll, Shu, it wasn't too bad.

Our forces are split for the battle with Greenhill. Kiba and Klaus are going to head directly for Greenhill. Apple, however, is going to stay behind and provide communciations between the two armies.

I wonder who we'll accompany first.



Chief of the Karaya Clan, she unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Riou.

Boris Wizen – Tengou Star

If you decide to run away, but come back at the last moment after hearing Ridley was killed, his son will take his place, including his Star. Boris has Evade instead of Ridley's Critical, and has one more defense with one less attack.