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Part 4: Mountain Passes and Circus People

Just so everyone's curiosity can be sated,  I will be doing the Clive sidequest, don't worry. 

But for now, let's get an update in, shall we?

Chapter 4 - Mountain Passes and Circus People

Surely, we'll be able to head back to Kyaro without any problems. Just climb the mountain!

Oh. Well... fine, then. Let's go back to Ryube, I guess!


The great street performers

"Okay. You're the right height, and you've got a cute face too. Come here. Hurry, hurry!"

"H... hey, Riou..."

"Here she is, our knife thrower, Eilie!!"

"Hey! That's not how I told you to say it!"

"Umm. Here she is!! The beautiful and famous knife-thrower Eilie! Feast your eyes on her magnificent face and form!"

"But don't worry too much, I've got some good medicine."

If you move, either to the left or right, Eilie ends up hitting you.

Assuming you don't, of course:

"Yeah!! Great job! Everyone! Big applause! Hey, you help out too!"

"Huh? Me?"

"I'm Eilie. We're sisters and this is our big brother."


"I'm Jowy. This is my friend, Riou. We're on our way to Kyaro Town in Highland..."

"Hey, so are we. We've been to all the villages around here. It's time for somewhere new. The only problem is..."

"I told you it would be okay. Don't owrry about the Mist Monster. After all, I'm here."

"The Mist Monster?"

"To enter Highland, you have to take North Swallow Pass. But we've heard rumors that a horrible Mist Monster lives up there. If you guys are going to Highland too, maybe we go together?"

"Yeah, it's okay with me. How about you, Riou?"

First Choice

"Thank you. Now we cross the mountain with no worries."

"Great. Thanks a lot Riou and Jowy."

"Bolgan happy."

Second Choice

"You're a smooth talker."

Third Choice

"I see... Sorry about that. Riou has made his decision."

"Really? That's too bad. Well, we'll be here a little longer, so come back if you change your minds, okay?"

Rina and Eilie are decent spellcasters. Bolgan hits things pretty hard, too. Also gluv.

Suikoden 2 uses the same system that Suikoden 1 did: S range fighters can only be put in the front row to attack, M range fighters can be put in either the front or back row but only hit the front row of the enemies and L range fighters can hit the front or back row of the enemies' ranks.

Soiled his... tunic?


"There's also a rumor that a Mist Monster lives in there. No one is permitted to enter by order of Mayor Anabelle of Muse. Please go back the way you came."

"We have to get back... I mean, we have to go to Highland."

"Sorry, we've got our orders."

"C'mon, can't you just bend the rules this once?"

"Sorry. I can't do that."


"Come over here with me..."

They come back a few moments later.

"Err... umm... Go. But you have to promise to keep your mouths shut."

"But of course."

"Rina... you didn't..."

"If this nice captain says we can go, then we should take him up on his kind offer."

"Rina, what did you do to him?"

"Nothing. We just had an adult conversation, that's all. Come on, let's go."

This is a rather short dungeon. Most of the enemies die to one Buddy Attack.

Labyrinth, also known as generic dungeon music

(Not pictured: Fire Wall Scroll, Escape Talisman, Brass Armor, Feathered Hat)

Eventually, we make it to the end of the pass.

The Mist Shade is one of the easier bosses (hurr), it can attack three times a round but usually just attacks all three people in the front row once.

A worthy foe appears

It isn't very hard, though.

"It sure was... Riou and I couldn't have handled it alone, either."

"I'm hungry."

"Ha ha, let's get going. I think we're just about there."

Here we are, yet again.

Next Time: Chapter 5 - Nanami is Awesome