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Part 10: It's time to meet an old friend

Chapter 10 - It's time to meet an old friend


"Hey! Let's follow her, Riou."

"...? What is it? Is something there?

"Oh yeah. Now I remember. Marx, Pilika's father... his job was taking care of some shrine... This must be the place. What's this? Something's inscribed here. Riou, take a look at this. This writing... it says..."

"This Genkaku, could it be Master Genkaku? What does it mean?"


"Inside the shrine? But why are we inside...?"

"To weave your destiny, you must first attain them.

She then dissapears.

"Huh? What was that? We're supposed to go forward?"

Days Past

"Huh? What was that... A hallucination? Riou, did you see it too? What was it?"

Leknaat appears before them again.

Their Star

"Young followers of Destiny... We have looked into your hearts and witnessed your 'character.'" Oh my god not the fucking quotes again

"You're the one from before! Who are you?"

"I am the inheritor of the 'Gate Rune.' The keeper of the gates between worlds. She who watches the great scales of Fate. Here begins the gathering of the Stars of Destiny. Fate quivers, the future cannot be seen. One of the '27 True Runes' has recognized you. Oh, followers of Destiny, the path is now open for you."

"Recognized us... is that what that vision was?"

"Yes. The rune recognized you. The 'Rune of Beginning,' which lies sleeping beyond here, is needed to complete your Destiny. Stand before the runes and hold up your right hands. You will be granted power to alter fate. Think, and then decide. 'Power' will not grant you peace. The storms of Fate cause misery for many and few will be able to calm them once they start. If you do not desire 'Power,' return now to the world outside."

"Power... rune... The power of the 27 True Runes... What will you do, Riou?"

"I don't need 'power.'"

"...Back when Pilika lost her voice... that's when I realized that I couldn't fully protect her. Even though I had promised myself and her dead parents that I would protect her... There are people in my life, Riou, Nanami, Pilika, Mother... people I need to protect. Riou... that's why I need power."

"I don't need 'power.'"

"I've heard that he who holds one of the 27 True Runes gains incredible power and eternal life. If that's true... I'm so powerless right now... If I could just have the power to protect the people I love... Please... Riou..."

"I don't need 'power.'"

"I don't care how I get the power, as long as it gives me what I want. Please... Riou... Please understand..."

This is either supposed to be Jowy talking or Leknaat meant "It's what you need right now."

"You're strong, Riou... but I... I'm... Please... Riou..."

"Since we need 'power'..."

"Thanks... Riou... I'm sorry... Riou, I'm taking the cave to the right. You go to the left."

"I... There are people I want to protect, and so I need power."

"Now... I have the power... The power of the rune... Now I have a chance... Okay, let's go back."

"Riou, you have the Bright Shield Rune. Jowy, you have the Black Sword Rune. They are the two aspects of the Rune of Beginning. Go now. Go and write your own fates."

"What happened? Tell me."

"A dream...? I don't think it was a dream. Riou, show me your right hand. So it wasn't a dream after all."

"Huh? What's going on?"


"We're okay, Pilika. Right, Riou? Let's go. We don't know when the Highland Army will come here. And we have to go on..."

So we do just that. To Muse!

"We're friends of Viktor, the mercenary leader. We told him we'd meet up with him here. Let us in."

"Sorry, but no one comes in without an entry permit. We have to watch out for Highland spies!"

"Hey, are you calling us spies?"

"Come on. Let's not lose our tempers. Leave it to Nanami."

Hey everyone! Have you been waiting for a new episode of Nanami is Awesome? Well here it is!

Yes, she is swaying back and forth and tilting her head like a ditz.

"Don't be ridiculous. Now buzz off, little pug-nose."

"What?! What did you just call me!?"

"I called you a pug-nose, shrimp! Now buzz off!"

Note the balled fists.

"Say that again and you'll be sorry!"

"Shut up, you frog-faced whiny little tomboy!"

"Frog-faced... whiny... tomboy...!"

"C'mon!! Stay out of my way!"

"It won't help to yell at the guard. And it's now as if we're part of Viktor's army. The guard has no reason to believe us. But we can't just give up... We've got to find another way."

Well, that didn't work out. Hopefully we can find another way in.

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