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Part 22: Hey, join our group.

Chapter 22 - Hey, join our group.

"Oh, hello there. I'm sorry, but I didn't notice we had a vistor..."

"Are you okay? Are you okay? Yoshino was worried about you..."

"Yoshino, I'm sorry..."

"If you were okay, why, why, why didn't you tell me? South Window surrendered and Lord Granmeyer was killed... I was so worried... Why didn't you send word?"

"Yoshino, after Granmeyer died, it was my duty to do whatever I could for the people of South Window. Now is the time to fight. It's not the time for me to worry about my personal affairs."

"Your sense of duty... That's why I love you. But, but you came back to me... You came home to Yoshino..."

"Yoshino... I'm so sorry... But I'm here on business with Lord Riou. When our task is done, I have to leave again."


"Yoshino... Just wait a little longer... This war will be over soon..."

"I will not..."

"What!! What did you say?!"

"I said I won't wait any longer. Lord Riou, please take me along with you. I'm pretty good with my naginata and I can do laundry too. I wish to fight alongside my lord, Freed. Please take me with you."

"Lord Riou!! No, I mean of course it is your decision to make. I won't interfere..."

"Freed, I don't want to be apart from you. I don't want to worry about you each day. Even if it's dangerous, I'd rather face that danger with you than to be alone..."

"Yoshino... It is dangerous, but I promise you that I won't ever let anything happen to you!"

"Well then, once I'm ready, I'll move our things to Genkaku castle."

"So you came back, eh. I knew you would. Well, I guess I could join your group... But why should I? Okay, here's what I'll do. I'll toss this coin and if you guess it right, I'll join you."

No matter what you choose, you always lose this coin toss. Richmond!!

"He uses a trick coin. He can tell which side is which while it's in his hand. All he has to do is flip it over... That's why you never win. Listen here, boy, use this coin and go challenge him again."

"Ha ha! You figured it out, eh? Sorry for tricking you. But Riou, a leader has to learn to see through cheap tricks like that. Got it? Okay, a promise is a promise. I'll join your group."

"Your group, eh...? You mean you want to teavel out to sea with me? Eh? Am I right?? Eh? You're fighting against the Highland Army? Great!! I am impressed!! You're gonna make me cry. Okay, here's what I'll do. Because of what happened last time, this time we'll decide it! A one on one battle with me! If you win, I'll join your group!"

"Oh, that's more like it. A leader must be decisize. Okay, let's go!"


"Hey!! It's Riou!!!! Long time no see!!!!"

"Hey, let's ask him about that thing."

"Oh um... okay. But don't forget. If I win, you have to do what I say."

"Ho ho. That's fine. But if I win, you'll do whatever I say. Understand?"

"Yes, of course! Riou, I heard that the leader of the Unicorn Army is also named Riou. Could that be you!? Hilda says you're one and the same, but that's not true, is it? ...Huh?! Really!!!! Did you really become the leader of the Unicorn Army?"

"See? Just like I told you. The first time I saw Riou's beautiful eyes, I knew it. I knew that he would touch the lives of a lot of people."

"Bah, yeah well I guess my eyes are pretty ugly next to his, eh."

"Pouting doesn't suit you."

"Bah, forget it. Anyway, what are you going to do now, Riou? I'm thinking about maybe doing some more treasure hunting..."

"We promised, didn't we? That we'd try to help... We're not soldiers and we can't offer to help with the fighting, but I think we can still help. Please let us."

"Huh? But I was going to go treasure hunting..."

"Alex, you need to act more like a man and stop running off all the time."

"But I... Hilda... Okay, okay, I'll do it. Riou, I'm not sure how I can help out, but I'll do whatever I can."

"Thanks for having us, Riou."

This entire scene has too many 'stupid quotes'...

"I don't care about that. I need a 'Sacrificial Jizo.' Hurry and bring me one!"

"Eh? What's this? A 'Sacrificial Jizo?' Did I ask for this? What I need is a Wooden Shield."

"What!! What am I supposed to do with this piece of junk? Anyway, where's that 'Wind Crystal' that I told you to get?"

Take that, fucker!

"Ouch!!! What are you doing!! You little punk..... Eh? Eh??????? Hmmmm...... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Good man, Riou!!! It's good to stand up for yourself! Well, I'll see you at Genkaku Castle!!! What? You're wondering how I knew your name? You thought Dr. Adlai didn't even know that? Anyway, hurry and go!"

Elevators are awesome!

This character requires we surround ourselves with the ladies.

"Hey, I'm pretty jealous. Say, buddy, why don't you share some of your luck with us?"

"Eh? Eh? Can it be true?"

"If, if you don't stop, I'll do my secret move, Phoenix Fist..."

"Who... who are you..."

"You still have something to say?"

"Eee... eeeeeeekk...."

"It might be tough at your size, but you've got to protect women. Aren't I right? My name is Oulan. I was a bodyguard for hire, but now I'm out of work. How do you feel? Can you walk? Should I take you somewhere?"

"Hmmm... maybe. But first I want to hear about your situation. So, you're fighting Highland, eh? I thought you were just a kid, but I guess I was wrong... Okay, I'll do it. It looks like you've got a good reason to look for protection. Glad to join you, Riou."

Oulan is pretty amazing.

Now then, with that all out of the way...


S-Range Characters

Bolgan *Fire Breath, 2x Damage to one enemy, Bolgan Unbalanced
Zamza *Fire Dragon, does 2x Damage to one enemy, returns 1/2 of that as fire damage to Zamza.
Freed *Water, Healing
Anita *Falcon, 2x Damage to 1 enemy, -15% Hit chance
Oulan *Angry Dragon, 2x Damage, 1 time per battle unless Berserked, unlimited in that case.


Nanami *Water, Healing
Tsai *Unicorn, Hits 1 Column of enemies, ignores defense, spear only

L-Range (Or should go in the back anyway)

Eilie *Lightning, Single-target Magic
Rina *Fire, Multi-target Magic
Tuta *Medicine, heals other characters automatically with equipped medicine
Luc *Wind, Variety Magic / *Pixie, uses 20% of caster's MAG stat to do damage from the back row.

Combinations Available:


Shiro & Kinnison
Freed & Yoshino
Rikimaru & Amada
Oulan & Hanna


Eilie & Rina & Bolgan

Purchaseable Runes:

Magic Runes: Lightning, Wind

Runes I only have 1 of:

Magic Runes: Fire, Darkness (It is a mini version of the Soul Eater), Blue Gate (Head slot only (Only Luc can use this right now))
Effect Runes: Hazy (Increases evasion), Fire Sealing (Immunes Fire Damage, 2x Water damage taken) (This is great for Zamza, for example)
Weapon Runes: Fire Lizard (Damage x1.5, but damage self with fire), Friendship (As recruits increase, weapon attack goes up as well)

Please also note you can apply the Fire, Wind and Lightning runes to weapons, they give an extra 1/4 damage as fire element, 5% Magic Repel, and 1/4 damage as lightning element.

Please Remember, once these characters are chosen they cannot be chosen again until all others have been chosen!

With that in mind, please choose FIVE characters, with a maximum of Three S-Range characters (Unless Luc, he doesn't count because he's a mage) and tell me who you want what Rune on! Please note anyone with a listed rune (That isn't one of the elemental ones) cannot have it removed.

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