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Part 14: It's a Party

All right, it's time to wrap up Na-Nal!

That's a new one! Still no reason to actually use it, though.

You've heard about her, right? She's the lady staying at the Rune Shop right now...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but that certainly doesn't sound like a generic NPC, so consider my interest piqued!


I did.

I killed it.

You're welcome.

...what do you mean, "endangered"?!

Damn, this town really has nothing going on if that's all you can talk about.

On a positive note, next to the obsessed guy up here, there's an armour store where I picked this up as a rare find. Sets consist of head, body, arm and leg armour and grant a bonus when all four parts are worn - in this case, Attack +10%, Defence +10%, and -5% damage from water element attacks. Neat! Also, I like to imagine it looks totally badass.

And that it comes with real pants.

N-Never mind.


There is an elven settlement past this village. It appears they do not get along well with humans.

When do they ever?! Please tell me there's someone with a burning mirror hiding out nearby.

Well, on with it. There was something about a rune shop...

...wait, this is what they were all so excited about? I... don't understand NPCs.

Portrait! My conscription sense is tingling...

In the square up ahead, there is a girl in red. She is actually a terribly violent girl. She needs to be taught a lesson... Would you please go and punish her?

Hey, I have a better idea: maybe we can put those atonement and forgiveness powers to some good use for once?

...I smell a rat.

(And I'm not talking about the fact that I get attacked by the damn things every few steps in this area. Because apparently just the beach wasn't enough fuck you Konami.)

So... You were told to come here and punish me, right? Right?

My, aren't we eager!

Come on, let's see what you've got! Oh, and to make it interesting... If I win, you owe me 1000 Potch, okay?

Setting the bar pretty low there, Mitsuba. How about we make it a hundred thousand? Of course, you'll have to pay me the same amount if, by any chance, I should happen to win.

On the off chance you might win, I guess you'd want some kind of reward. Any requests?

...well, fine, that works too, I guess.

Hmm... Is that all you want? In that case, here I go!

All right, all right! I'm starting to get into it!! I'm gonna kill you!!

Spoiler: no.

Still, you may want to watch the duel with Mitsuba. I tried to make it a little more interesting and show off some of the things that happen if you pick the same move as your opponent and such.

If not, at least listen to her music.

Ooooh, that had to hurt!

Yup, took off over half her health in one shot.

You get a special little scene when both characters guard, with them circling and glaring a lot. Kinda neat.

The Brandeau fight was still more Essence Of Suikoden Duels than this.

Let's finish this with a bang! And I don't mean the lottery guy.

...that totally missed me, but...

I still take damage.

(Fools who have got their shit utterly ruined by a mute teenage boy: III)


Our plan didn't work! You can't lure strong people like them!

My goodness! They were stronger than you, Miss Mitsuba? Oh dear, oh dear...

I get the feeling he's mocking her. Just a little.

Sheesh! We can't earn a living like this if we lost the bet... What was it again? Your request?
Let's see... I just have to come with you guys, right?

It's bloody well not okay if you don't want to! Now fall in line unless you want more of this.

Well, I did promise. Okay, okay, I'll go. Mr. Reinhold, will you come, too?

I shall accompany you. After all, I may be partially responsible for your loss.

You MAY be responsible? You are SO responsible! I should've never partnered up with you. Oh well... As long as I can swing my sword around, I'm sure I'll like the job. Hey, let's go!

And with that, we've caught another two.

I like Mitsuba and Reinhold well enough for the filler characters they are, but honestly, I'm not surprised to see them screw this plan up. Mitsuba is pretty strong, but her accuracy, magic, evade and speed are all quite crummy, and even her defence isn't particularly good, which is odd for a strong but slow character with a two-handed sword.

Then, I'll go on ahead.

Reinhold generally sucks less at all the things Mitsuba sucks at, but makes up for it by being worse at the things she is actually good at, making him weaker and squishier.

Well, I shall be going on ahead.

Still, now we have enough people to make a whole new party!

Beyond the area where Mitsuba was hanging out, there's this.

Much like the cave on the deserted island, it is several times longer than it should need to be.

And unlike the cave, it leads no place good.

Elven Elder: You there... Could it be... Romina's daughter?

Yes, Romina is my mother.

Elven Elder: Are you not aware of the atrocious sin your mother committed?

So some of you may be wondering why I hate elves.

Elven Elder: How dare you even think of setting foot on this sacred land!

Let me present to you, every elven civilization ever in four acts:

Look at those short-lived barbarians. We are so much better than them.


Please help us, humans! We are extremely fucked!

Well I guess those short lived barbarians saved our species from extinction, but we are still better than them.

My mother... passed away many years ago.

Elven Elder: Then you shall be the one responsible for bearing the burden of her sin...
Your mother once worked in a league with humans. Now, you, too, must pay for her treachery...

Fuck elves.


Elven Elder: Now, hurry on home.

With a rake.

Happily! It may be a cave at the end of an enemy-infested path I have to traverse every time I go out to buy some milk, but at least there are no fucking elves.

(If you're wondering why I'm not counting Paula, it's because "Playable Character" tends to override other races.)

Here's a suggestion: put all the elves in it. Purge! Purrrrge!

Open for visiting? Bah! I can't even loot it.

It's time to head back.

Time skip! I've just spared you several minutes of goddamn ocean! Aren't you grateful?

With our commitment to reporting the facts in a timely manner, we intend to do our best in informing you.
If you have any opinions, comments, or good information, please bring them to Perrault without hesitation.

The paper has three separate sections.

A novel that will lead your bored minds into a dazzling world of love and hate will begin in this issue!!
Please send your fan letters to Perrault!!!

Riveting stuff!

Madam Depression's husband had passed away, which left her to live alone with her son.
Madam Depression gathered up her reddish silver hair and murmured, "Oh, I am so depressed..."

You may have noticed already, but Perrault is kind of shit at what he does. Still, he's actually going to do something useful soon, so I'm still glad to have him.


I... how should I put this? Well... I have grown restless with the desire to be more active.

Bah. If you want something, just come out and say it.

What? You want a rematch? I'm not going to lose again, ever!

Spoiler: wrong.

But not now. We're playing a different game this time. It's called "furthering the plot".

I won't lose!


Now, it is go time.

(no rita not that kind of go)

(why do you even carry that board around with you)

New party! We'll see how long it lasts, but for now... it's nice to see some variation on that one-handed sword ready stance.

(But not him. Because... well, just look at him.)

Also, at some point, Lazlo did unexpectedly eat a critical hit, so here's what a lucky ticket looks like!

Next up, we actually visit those ruins. I have a good feeling about this!