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Part 34: Shut up, I can do what I want

So we conquered Razril and gathered all the people in the square. We probably shouldn't keep them waiting too long.

Man, seeing a crowd gathered in this place looks kind of different from up here...

Damn it, Elenor. I'm not cut out for this.

The crowd doesn't seem to care. The lady in green on the right there looks like she just elbowed the one on her right in the neck. Any time now they'll start throwing their underwear.

Dramatic zoom!


Nothing happens.

Ugh, fine.

Meaningful decisions!

Meaningful or not, the crowd loves it.

I hope they're not going to keep that up through my entire visit. That could get annoying fast.

Get them.

Oh, look! Someone's not cheering! (Semi-recommended viewing because I love the background chatter from the crowd here.)

Two gaien knights.

Those guys never were a problem and they never will be.

That's what you get.

Apparently he was really counting on those two knights, because Vingerhut's attitude undergoes a drastic change when they go down.

Hmm? What?

Man: That's right! Your words mean nothing to us!

Old man: You scumbag!

So they limp off with their tails between their legs. Hands up anyone who's still actually confused as to how Kooluk could take over this place so easily?

Our party just stands there like "what the FUCK did we just witness". I'm pretty sure that's the last we'll ever see of him.


I see... You may go.

Kooluk Soldier: Yes, sir!

What shall we do? Shall we prepare the fleet?

No, forget about Razril. If we just keep Obel and its surrounding areas secure, the Rune won't get that far.

What surrounding areas? That's like, Mordo island you're talking about, and no one gives a single fuck about Mordo.

I still have my suspicions... Is the True Rune such an important thing?

Troy apparently slept through history classes.

I assume you have never seen it then.

What are you getting at?

You would have to see it in person to realize its full potential. Oh, yes... This is also a direct commission from His Majesty of Kooluk. His Majesty wishes to offer the Rune to Harmonia... Probably in exchange for military backup.

Whereupon Harmonia goes "lol" and tells him to fuck off, because that's how Harmonia rolls, motherfuckers.

Still, this does give us some context on why they're so hellbent on taking over the place... sort of... I guess. Well, it's better than nothing.


Do you understand now?

Are you saying we are merely a tool for Rune hunting? What of the Governor's policy of advancing southwards? We are acting under that policy. The plan is already in motion.

Yes, the Governor's policy and our goal... I came to the backwaters of El-Eal with the Governor because we had common interests. Regardless of what you think, I am not lying... Now, please continue to guard the Kingdom of Obel.

So the Rune's whereabouts will determine how we treat the Kingdom of Obel... Is that what this means?

Oh, I think you can expect the Rune's whereabouts to be "right in your face" before long. I've already conquered everything else in the area!

Oh, yes. The Governor is apparently under the weather. He has given me the right of command for now. I expect much from both of you in the field. I would like to avoid any more losses to our fleets. Yes... you two are the only ones to whom I can entrust the fleets. I am counting on you.

They're the only ones you have left since I slapped down all your other dudes, you mean.

Wisely, Troy and Colton wait until Cray is out of earshot before they start voicing their concerns.

Sir Troy, you shouldn't voice such reckless thoughts. You never know who might be listening...


Except it turns out he's actually right here.

Troy throws a knife.

It goes "dink" off the wall.


Hmm. Is it all right now?
Between you and me, I'm worried about the Governor. Cray said he was ill, but I have a feeling Cray may have done something.


I had it looked into, but no one has seen the Governor these last few days. I sense something is amiss.

It's also possible that the southward advancement polich from the previous Governor... has been halted. It's unlikely, but could the Central Committee be...?

We cannot deny that as a possibility. There are especially many among the elders who are calling for sanctions against Scarlet Moon to the north.

For now, at any rate, we should probably first confirm whether this situation is in accordance with His Majesty's wishes. But now is not a good time. Obel is in danger of being retaken. With your permission, I must return to the 2nd Fleet immediately. Sir Troy, please wait aboard the 1st Fleet's flagship until further notice. I will do everything in my power to stop them.

Colton... do not push yourself too much.

Sir Troy... you are still a young man. It is your generation that will build the future of this country... However, it is my generation that bears the responsibility... for your future.

I recognize those pants...

And now it's evening.

Funghi wasn't around before, so this is our first opportunity to pick him up.

S-Say, Lazlo... Won't you take me with you, too? I 'll make sure the Knights never go hungry! I might just be a cook, but I'll try my best to fight with everyone, too.

You can come if you have a cake recipe. I was promised cake, but the claim turned out to be of dubious authenticity.

Okay, let's go!

Cooking - Finds Food Items after battle.

Funghi offers exactly the same talent as the previous two cooks we recruited, and yes, it most definitely is getting pretty redundant by now.

There's also a couple of nameless NPCs we can invite along. I think this is the girl we saved way back in the beginning.

You want to come with us?

Girl: Yes. I'll go... I'll go on your ship, mister. I want my father with me, too.

Lazlo finds it far too easy to invite little girls on board his boat.

The funny part here is that you actually only invite one of them. To get the other...

Will you get on the ship with us?

Man: Yes... Please take my daughter as well. have to invite them both separately. They'll hang out on the third deck and do nothing of interest for the rest of the game, but I guess we're supposed to feel like we did some good or something.

From one thing to another, here's a big dick move. This chest appears here during this evening and only during this evening. In the morning, it will be gone, just like the 57 bottles of rum in my inventory and most of Lazlo's memory of the night.

This is the only way to get the Guardian Bracelet, and it's a pretty nice hand/arm gear for casters, so it should definitely be grabbed. There's a couple of other chests like this around, too, but none of them all that interesting. (I mean, I would have appreciated the Silver Hammer and all, except I cheated my ass off and now I don't need it.)

Heading into town triggers a brief scene.

Just a while ago, we were talking about proving Lazlo's innocence... But now, with all that's happened to Razril... I don't know how to put it... but it's all so frustrating.

I'm frustrated, too. I was promised cake and didn't get any, and now the Kooluk are practically killing themselves. No cake, no challenge. What's wrong with this world?

Lazlo is now the leader of the masses. Everyone is gathering under his banner. Perhaps that is enough.

We started to hear rumors that you became a pirate. I was worried...

Wow, that's crazy talk. A knight, become a pirate? Excuse me, but I must laugh. Like that would ever happen! I mean, we do have some pride, you know? Only a complete moron would believe such a thing.

At this rate, it'll just be a disgrace for us to stay here and do nothing. I'm joining the masses, too!

You're right... I'm coming, too!

In case you needed to confirm that KENETH AND TAL JOINED YOUR GROUP message from before.

Which I didn't actually show off, but I'm assuming you kind of figured things out what with me telling you how we recruited them and showing off their stat blocks and everything.

With that taken care of, shall we get some rest now?

I guess.


...Katarina finds her way to the hall.

That is all we need, and Lazlo heads back to his room to rest.

The next morning, there's more stuff to do in Razril, but I just brought the people I had along with me on the last mission when I came here, so I have to make a brief stop at the boat to switch them up a bit.

Seems that is going to have to wait, though.

Oh, what is it now?

I thought I just had one of these-

wait what the fuck

Humph, I see there's a bit of history between you two... Even moreso a reason why you shouldn't let your guard down... So... only fire Rune Shells. I doubt we'll have problems, but we don't know what they're thinking yet. Listen, do your setup carefully.

Elenor is full of shit. Snowe has one ship and one cannon. All we need to do is give him one nice cold shower... so. Wait, I have a politically incorrect joke for you: what do you call a Snowe Vingerhut at the bottom of the ocean? Mission fucking accomplished.

Just as I thought...

Full. Of. Shit.




hahahahahaha haha


what the fuck are you wearing

Indeed he is, a certified butt pirate!

Is that a dog collar? I always knew you were a bitch, but come on, that's a little too much. Are you trying to say you want a treat? Because you're going to have to learn how to ask nicely. This usually does not involve cannons.

What indeed?

Oh! I know!




(Snowe death count: II... and of course, this scene simply does not play out if you killed him the last time; you're just sent straight to the world map.)