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Part 36: Returning the Seal

I picked up a new "canvas" in Warlock's underground path. Bringing it to Tov... lets him turn our sails sort of yellow.

Well, it's still more useful than Deborah because at least I'll see it.


Although most of the time I'll probably be too busy lamenting the fact that I'm back on the goddamn ocean to appreciate them.

Then I went and dug up some new shit, but by now I don't think anyone cares much.

Also, here are our new knights, before and after a training session with Reinhold. Since the enemies scale to your level, this place is perfect for bringing new recruits up to par.

The reason for this incident may be traced back to the breakdown of negotiations between Na-Nal and Kooluk. The Na-Nal Island Chief had this to say about Lazlo, who helped to bring closure to the matter:
"I would like to work with the masses from now on in a joint effort to bring the Kooluk down."

We have a bunch of these to go through since I neglected to do so after visiting each island. Also, fuck you for reminding me of that smug scumbag, Perrault.

The winner was Ms. Louise, age unknown. Amazingly, she caught a sardine that was 163 cm long! All fish in the contest were served to everyone as dinner that night, which was also well-received.

And now, what I know you must have all been waiting for...

The beautiful city of Middleport, like a gem floating in the sea... The town is now in an uproar, preparing to welcome the giant ship said to be gathering Kooluk detractors. And yet...
An octopus monster had taken residence in nearby waters! This would be no time for warm welcomes. There had been ships that had set out to defeat the monster, but not one had returned. The lord was at his wit's end. "Is there no hero willing to do something about that monster?"
"It cannot be helped. I will go, Father." The one who spoke up was the lord's son, Reinbach. From the most refined way he behaved, people called him "The Rose Swordsman."



what the living fuck is this perrault


I'm going to read the next issue now.

Nay could not ignore the cooperative relationship of islands such as Obel and Middleport with the masses. It seems the Nay Village Chief's conclusion to this effect is behind the declaration of his cooperation.

Perrault seems to know more about this than I do.

At first, I learned all sorts of things from Mr. D, who was there before me. Now, I get more work done and I believe my superiors acknowledge my hard work as well. Even so, Mr. D still orders me to cook something or massage his feet. He says it is because he is my senior. Do I have no choice but to endure this senior-junior relationship?
Hervev (alias)
Answer: Mr. Dario "Endure?! If I were you, Mr. D would endure a punch in the face, over and over again!"

Never change, Mr. Dario.

"How tranquil... It makes you want to fish. Seeing it like this, everything is so normal..." murmurs attendant Micky.
"It just means what we can see is not everything, Micky."
"I see. How astute, young Master."
Just as Micky slapped his knee to show his appreciation, a loud "BOOM!" roared through the depths of the sea.
"I-It's here, young Master!"
"You must not panic, Micky."
The sounds of the waves were so loud they drowned out their voices. Soon, the monster appeared before the ship. The monster used a tentacle, like the leg of an octopus, to strike their ship repeatedly. Micky is is desperately fighting back, too, but their swords are like needles being stuck in a mountain -- totally useless.
"Young Master, will we die here just like the others?" From Micky's exhausted hand, his sword was about to slip out at any minute.
"Since it's come to this..." The Rose Swordsman focused his mind on the Red Rose Rune on his body. "Oh, Red Rose..."
In that instant... the world was bathed in red.

During all this, Sir Lazlo called upon the Razril residents to rise to the occasion. They certainly responded.
Despite the Kooluk army withdrawing, Razril is in a state of flux due to the lack of leadership. Currently, survivors of the Gaien Knights that used to exist on Razril have become guardian of the island.

And finally, the most recent issue.

We await stories from those who have witnessed it firsthand.

You're letting me miss out on Ask Pirate Dario for this stale crap? I'm disappointed in you, Perrault. Very, very disappointed.

The city is completely clam and the ship is floating serenely like a cradle. Micky carefully raised his aching body from the ground. A giant octopus was floating before his eyes. It had died of suffocation, covered in rose petals.
"Young Master, you did it."
The Rose Swordsman was asleep nearby.
"Well done, young Master. Please rest well until we get to Middleport."
The story of the Rose Swordsman and Micky spread like wildfire all throughout Middleport. Amidst all that, the giant ship said to be fighting the Kooluk safely arrived in Middleport's harbor. That night... The leader of the giant ship, Lazlo, was at the welcoming banquet prepared by the lord. Having heard the rumors, he could not sit still. He professed, "I'd like to welcome the Rose Swordsman to my ship."
To this, the Rose Swordsman responded modestly, "My powers are not so great."
"But I cannot just return like this."
No sooner had he said that, Lazlo suddenly threw his own glove at the Rose Swordsman.

God damn it Micky your au fanfic is terrible.

Of course, we also have new letters. If you told me Ornan had slept through everything and only just now realized that he's in the middle of a war, I'd believe you.

I know.

"Dragged" might be more appropriate. But sort of, yes.

Was that an invitation? I think I'll pass. I tried it once, and it didn't work out so well.

Oh, Viki, don't you know you have already done more than anyone else on this ship?

But, well, since you insist...

Wait, what the hell is that up there?

It's huge!

The Ancient Crab is one of Suikoden IV's two optional boss fights. And, if you're not using a guide, you'll probably never find it because there is absolutely no reason to come back here after liberating Razril.

It's pretty tough, but can't really output too much damage.

The nice thing about it is that it has a 30% chance to drop Giant Crab's Shell, and drops 25000 Potch (which can be doubled by giving someone a Prosperity Rune, and further increased if you remember to bring Basil - or his upcoming replacement - along).


...the Slash command works fine if your level is high enough.

For the record, a full set of Ogre gear takes five shells, so 20 total for a full party getup.

Anyway. Here's our actual destination.

There's a weird woman waiting.

Pirate (1): Naw, I don't.

Pirate (2): We don't got anyone like that.

D-Do you know where she is? If you don't know her, that's okay...

Do you have some business with Ms. Elenor?

I-If you would be so kind... Could you help me find someone who knows Lady Elenor?

Would you like me to tell you?

I think we're talking past each other. Or maybe someone just got lazy translating this shit because it's not making much sense.

You know her, don't you? Please tell me! I... I came all this way with the intentions of becoming her apprentice... Lady Elenor is my hero... I am constantly reading and studying, so that I might become even a little like her. But ultimately, self-teaching has its limitations... which is why I ask, can you introduce me to her?

I will if you just stop talking!

Join us and I just may...

I will follow you, even if you say no! I have quite a bit of luggate, gut it's just books...

yeah yeah whatever just go put it in one of the empty rooms and leave me alone

Inside, we'll finally find the real purpose of this trip.


You would even if she told you not to, you freakin' sponge.


I suppose so.

What, that's what you dragged me out here for?

We have assembled a decent amount of forces. We should now be a good match for the fleet that has secured the kingdom.

Bollocks to that. We have assembled all the forces and I could probably have beaten the "fleet that has secured the kingdom" the moment Kika first joined us. I shit you not.

Taking back control of the kingdom will be a big step forward for us... But driving the Kooluk from these waters won't be easy.

Boo. Boooooo. You are the worst strategist ever.

So then, will you return the Golden Seal you were entrusted with earlier?

Lazlo hands it over to Elenor for some reason.

She chucks it over to Lino where it belongs.

He's looking at it like "damn, I can't pin all the responsibility on that mute teenage boy any more."

Don't worry. You're already a great leader, even without that thing.

I know that! But it's impossible to recruit Nalkul and Champo without it, so it's kind of shitty of you to just take it away without warning.

I agree.

I don't care what Elenor says, but praise from Kika isn't something to be taken lightly.

That's right, Lazlo... Sorry for checking so many times, but... You've made up your mind, haven't you?

That is pretty annoying, but yeah, same as always: kick Kooluk ass, and bring truth, justice, freedom, and reasonably priced love to all. Well, maybe not the last one because this game is rated PEGI12. I wouldn't be sure about the hard-boiled egg either because the only place I remember seeing chickens that weren't of the giant man-eating variety was on Na-Nal and fuck going back to Na-Nal. But still. The usual.

Of course.

Wow, that isn't ominous at all! But tell you what, "the worst" pretty much translates to "actually dying the next time I plot laser something", and if that were to happen I won't be doing anything because I'll be dead and it will be up to the next unlucky bastard to wave this thing around like a retard.

It's those pants again...

And this bird.

What are you up to, Ramada?

???: Please... help...

Who's there?

He's actually still alive! Barely!

It doesn't matter who... If I can just stop Cray's insurrection... And, if possible, let His Majesty know...

Gasp! Cray was evil all along! Wait, we knew that already.

Also, I love the word insurrection. Insurrrrrrection.

I understand. I will do whatever I can.

He walks off...

...and the bird does, too.

But suddenly!