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Part 14: The Princess orders you to clothe yourself, hussy!!!

Just like last episode, we start off with Frey and a bed...

...and Lyon coming in to wake him up.

Good morning, Your Highness. Looks like you didn't sleep very well, huh?

But even though the room is posh and the bed is literally fit for a prince, somehow this morning doesn't seem quite as pleasant.

No... There were too many things to think about...

Even Lyon agrees, and she started yesterday with a punch in the face.

Oh, sorry. I shouldn't be brooding like this so early in the morning.

It's fine. Probably better to get it our of your system.

Her Majesty and the Princess are awake, too. Let's go.

...although I think personally, I'm going to need a lot of brooding before I'm done.

Lym isn't in the best of moods, but it's justified.

Tell me, why is it Mother, Father and you have all been acting so strange since last night? You're hiding something from me, aren't you?!

We could lie (badly) but...

...she'd just get mad at us.

So you admit it's true! You ARE keeping secrets from me!

Lym can be a bit of a brat at times, but...

But you'd... you'd tell me if it was something I had to know, right? I guess there are things taht go on that aren't my business. And maybe some things that I'm not ready to know. Just promise me one thing -- act like a normal person when you're around me!

...she can also be reasonably mature and understanding if you don't act like a dick to her.

Miakis is up next.

Prince! You care about the Princess' future, don't you?

What the hell kind of question is that to ask a guy first thing in the morning?

Yes, of course you do! Heh heh heh... THAT'S reassuring!

I feel a headache coming on.

Even though a groom's been decided for the Princess, the only one who seems happy about it is Alenia!

That's because Alenia is a bitch. And speaking of bitching, she doesn't have anything new to say.

Galleon does, though.

Hmmm? Georg? It seems His Majesty Ferid has sent him off somewhere.

That's not very helpful. Let's talk to the man himself.

Hmm... Didn't sleep very well, I see. Well, it's certainly not surprising...
We're going back to Sol-Falena today. But we're not in any particular hurry.

It seems all of you met a lot of people here and learned quite a bit... I'm sure there are people you'd like to see again before we leave Stormfist. Why don't you go say goodbye to them now? Just come back when you're done.

Why indeed? I can't think of any reason, so let's.

But we don't want mummy dearest to feel neglected.

About last night's discussion... I'll consider our options, but not until we're safely back in Sol-Falena. It would be unwise to try to come to a proper decision here, in the heart of Godwin's town. Fortunately, Gizel must come to Sol-Falena for the engagement ceremony, half a month from now. Then...

Then? Then?!

Frey... Please forgive me. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything, even then...


I shouldn't have asked.

Murad is still hanging around, but his patient is nowhere to be seen.

Oh yes, the warrior I cared for yesterday finally awoke this morning. His injuries weren't serious, so that lady took him back to the inn.
A quite kind and honorable man, that one. He insists he wasn't drugged, all for that lady's sake. After all, if word got out that she had drugged him, she'd be arrested, and everyone in Falena would hate her. Of course, the man won't let me state my official opinion that he was drugged, either. Even if I didn't point the finger at Marina, she's the one who had the most obvious means and motive to drug him.
But the drug left no evidence anyway, so the point is moot. Only a fool would dare imply that Gizel won the match unfairly without solid proof to back that claim up. So it's best for everyone that we keep quiet about it. Everyone but that warrior, that is.

Oy. We should go see how they're holding up, but since we're here already...

...we'll check the basement first. There's a guy standing in the way so we can't see Zegai, but-

-Shoon is back in the big cage.


I thought so... Dammit! This is all my fault! I got all overexcited, and now Zegai is--

Calm down, Shoon! His Majesty Ferid will see to it that Zegai's execution gets called off!

R-Really?! That's great!

And that's all we get. We can talk to him again...

I'm honored to have made your acquaintance, Prince! I'll never forget you!

...but it's not much of a farewell.

Yeah, I'd like this to go please.

Egbert is still hanging around where we left him.

That FILTHY DEVIL from the House of Godwin WON! There's no way a filthy devil like him would fight FAIR! He MOST CERTAINLY cheated somehow! NO doubt about it!

Oh, Egbert. You may be completely nuts, but you're more right than you know.

Not yet, he's not!

Oh, you look like you're in the know! Perhaps you could help us... We came here to Falena in search of an amazing wizard! Would you know of such a person, by any chance?

We can tell her we don't know...

Lyon, do you know who that is?

...but they'll like us better if we look like we care.

Hmmm... Not sure... Kyle and Miakis are both powerful magic users, but they aren't strong enough to be known outside Falena. And if they are known, it's as Queen's Knights, not as wizards.

Well, poo.

...I see.


It's okay, Ernst. We'll find what we're looking for.
Well, thank you for at least listening. My name is Norma, and this is Ernst. We'll be doing performances around Falena for a while. Please stop by and see us again!

I'm sure we'll meet again. Almost entirely certain, as a matter of fact.

The next thing I know, she's gone all night! And when they showed up this morning, Belcoot was all bruised up! I knew the Games involved fighting, but somehow I never realized that people really got hurt.

Finally, we'll head back to the inn. Given the brain power at display here, I feel like she's more like Belcoot's mother than Marina's...

Proprietor: Your Highness! You mean you came all the way over to say goodbye? Oh, you honor us! Since you're here, do you think you could talk to Marina and Belcoot, too? They both seem pretty sad about Belcoot's loss, even though Marina didn't want him to marry the Princess. Well, all that matters now is that they're safe. Right, Prince?

As long as everyone keeps their gobs shut and no one finds out what happened, yeah. It's still pretty shitty.

But we're only putting things off.

I heard that you're returning to the Imperial Capital today. Thank you for all youyr help at a time like this.

How are your injuries?

Oh, nothing serious, Your Highness.

I'm sure I don't need to stay in bed any longer, but...

Oh, yes you do! Even Dr. Murad said that you needed two or three days of rest!

...Well, you see how it is.

He doesn't seem quite as disappointed as I'd have imagined.

You aren't finding it hard to concentrate or anything like that? That drug can sometimes cause side effects like that for some time afterwards.


I only fell asleep during my match because I hadn't gotten enough sleep beforehand. That's all.


Your Highness, I'm so sorry. I know that if I keep quiet about this, the fixed results of the Sacred Games will stand. But we're up against something too big and cunning. Even if I did speak out, no doubt Marina would be the only one punished. And that... That's why...


Come on, Marina. Don't look like that. It wasn't your fault. You, me, all of us -- we were just puppets at the end of their strings.

I... I know.

I thought I knew what it meant to tangle with the Falenan nobility, but I underestimated them. To be honest, I never dreamed that they'd go this far. And I'm sure that even if I had won, they would've had some backup plan ready.
Your Highness, before long, that man will enter the royal family. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but... he's dangerous. Be careful out there.

I'll try, but I'm not sure it'll work.

Anyway, we're free to leave, but we can talk to the two of them one last time. Belcoot just says he wants to look around Falena a bit, but Marina...

Remember the first reason I gave you yesterday for putting that stuff in Belcoot's food? That... wasn't entirely a lie. I really did feel that way a little. That's why I can't forgive myself for what happened.

I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone, including Belcoot, at this point.

That was our last stop, so we'll head back to the parental units now.

Yes, we're done.

I see. In that case, we should start thinking about leaving soon.

An unspecified amount of time later...

Our pleasure. We have been most honored by your visit. I trust you enjoyed your stay here.

Yes, we had a marvelous time. The Sacred Games went exceptionally well.

Princess. I look forward to our engagement ceremony. I shall come bearing many gifts, just for you.

I-I see. I'll be... looking forward to it, too.

And I'm looking forward to the day I officially become your fiancé.
Prince Frey. I've been deeply impressed by your chivalry and resourcefulness. I plan to really apply myself so that people won't criticize me as the foolish little brother of a great big brother.

You'll get yours eventually

I have a feeling we're going to be the best of brothers.

Now then. Your Majesty. Have a safe journey home.

Just a moment, please. There's someone who isn't with us yet.

Oh, Arshtat. There he is!

We were planning to execute him any day now...

This man is a felon who plotted with Armes spies to murder Her Majesty. The Queen's Knights will take custody of him and investigate his relationship with Armes closely.

Is this acceptable to you?

...As you wish.

Now then, Gizel. We look forward to seeing you again at the engagement ceremony.

It will be my honor.

Finally Frey and company can be off... (music)

...but we, through our magical plot powers, can remain behind for a few more minutes.

You did well. But, you know, Gizel...
...People do change.

The Prince... His entire countenance seems to have changed because of this incident. Your schemes might work in the short term, my son... But you may well be planting the seeds for future problems.

Gizel is going to end up wishing he had taken them into consideration.

For now, though, all Frey cares about is taking a long bath and scrubbing himself thoroughly until he rids himself of every single last Hitler germ.

The trip takes a while. After putting the children to bed...

...the parents (and Sialeeds) waste no time getting started on a counter-scheme. (music)

When we decided to hold the Sacred Games, we were both well aware Godwin could emerge victorious. It's not like you to hesitate now.

But, Arshtat! We're not just talking about any little girl here -- we're talking about Lym!

I can't bear to see anything bad happen to her, but there isn't much we can do now...

Trust me, if there was some other solution, I'd gladly step down from the throne and rid myself of the Sun Rune! But now that it's come to this, we must stand strong...

Yes. I know. Rather than hesitating, we should be doing everything we can to make sure that cost is as small as possible...

Yes. But we must never be suspected. To the very end, we'll just have to pretend nothing's going on.

Well, I guess we do have some kind of plan. We'll have to wait to find out what it involves, however.

The next day, we join Frey in his room. (music)

???: Frey! All ready?!

There's only one person that could be. And of course Lym barges in just a few seconds later.

Oh, Princess! Good morning.

If you didn't want visitors, you should have locked that door.

Good morning, Frey! Good morning, Lyon!

???: Princess. You can't just intrude on a gentleman's bedroom like that. It's disgraceful.

And good morning to you too, Miakis.

Besides, what about Lyon?! She was here before I even got here!

...but she knocked.

Weeell, Lyon and the Prince are like brother and sister.

But Frey and I really ARE brother and sister!!!

Oh, that's right!

Why, you...

I could listen to those two all day.

Um... Maybe we shouldn't keep Her Majesty waiting too long...

But if we take too long and end up making the queen mad, we might not get a chance, so Lyon is quick to get things back on track.

Oh! You're right!

Hurry up!

And Lym drags us outside, bodyguards in tow.

So she says, but there's not much for us here at this point. (Sun Palace theme)

The guy by the doors actually won't let us through. We have to walk past him for this encounter to trigger.

Good morning, Lady Sialeeds.

Good morning.

The two bodyguards bow.

What's my sister thinking? If she wanted to see me, why couldn't she wait until after noon?

Sialeeds is too busy grumping to care.

Mother wanted to see you, too?

Hmm. What do you think's going on?

A fiendish plot that will end with us disposing of Gizel Godwin's loathsome corpse in the Feitas?


I'm allowed to dream, okay

I guess we'll find out when we see her. C'mon, let's go.

There's another blink-and-you-miss-it line from Lyon if we talk to her before the next event...

...which starts on the floor below.

Your Highness the Princess, Your Highness the Prince, Lady Sialeeds. I bid thee the very finest of mornings.

I'm guessing they decided they pseudo-Shakespeareian lingo was the best way to translate ultra-formal Japanese. Then again, maybe he's just fucking with us.

I wouldn't put it past him.

Same here.

Whatever could thou possibly mean?

Forget it.

Arshtat asked you to come too, then?

Yes, ma'am.

You too, huh? Let's go together, then!

It would be my greatest honor to accompany the finest Princess this land has ever known.

Can you drop the polite stuff around me? Just talk the way you usually do. You're my father's old friend, and you're close to Frey and Aunt Sialeeds. I don't want you treating me like I'm some stranger.

Are you sure? The next Queen ought to be addressed properly.

Don't worry about it. A good Queen can't waste her time getting caught up in formalities, anyway.

Whew. Why don't you just call me "Georg," then? I've never felt like much of a "Sir," anyway.

Okay, then, Georg!

We're free to go, and Lyon has a new line:

The Princess is quite close to Georg, isn't she?

Glad I'm not the only one who finds them adorable.

I poked around the castle some, but if the NPCs have new lines, they basically just go "well, fuck" so that's not very interesting. Let's get to our mission instead. (music)

Very good. Thank you for coming so promptly.
This is an important time for our queendom, and for our family. We are fast approaching the engagement ceremony in which Gizel and Lym will officially be engaged.

Yes, Mother!

There are formalities that must be observed before the engagement ceremony. First, go the East Palace. There, you will receive the blessing of the Dawn Rune. After that, you must be purified in the fountain of Lunas.

The East Palace...? But, Mother, the Dawn Rune isn't--

Yes. The Dawn Rune is gone. But we can't let that change our traditions. The Falenan royal family has its pride. You will go through the ritual of the Dawn Rune before your engagement ceremony. The tradition must carry on, even if the Dawn Rune is lost. So visit the East palace on your way to Lunas.

Great... More traditions and formalities...

But that's okay! Frey is coming with me, right?

Yes, he will be joining you.

My sister Sialeeds. Prince Frey. Please accompany Lymsleia.

Sure, Arshtat.

Miakis, Georg, Lyon. You are to go with them as their bodyguards.

As soon as you're ready, you should depart.
Let our mercy, as deep as the Feitas, and our authority, as powerful as the sun, be revealed to the entire world!

I'm not really feeling the mercy part right now.

Anyway, we have new locations to visit! But before that, we have some more talking to get through. The remaining knights are hanging around out here (you can see Galleon under the dialogue box here) so we'll hear what they have to say.

It has been ordained that the pre-engagement trek to Lunas must be made on foot, rather than by horse or carriage. It will be a long journey for the Princess. Please make the trip as comfortable for Her Highness as you can.

We can just have Georg give her a piggyback ride.

Galleon also has more to say if you talk to him again.

As its name suggests, the East Palace lies directly east of Sol-Falena. To reach the holy land of Lunas, proceed north from the East Palace.

I always appreciate knowing which areas I should avoid until I've explored everything else!

Guards are patrolling the roads to ensure safe passage for Her Highness. However, please keep your guard up in the event of an unexpected encounter.

Unexpected? I think the word you're looking for is "random."

The day Her Highness becomes officially engaged to Gizel has nearly arrived. Even I'm getting a bit nervous!

You're still a bitch.

I also realized that I forgot to check the dungeon.


In that case, the Princess and I will wait here.

What? I want to go down there with them!

But, Princess, you're scared of the dungeon. You said that it was haunted. Remember?

Th-That was last year! I'm not afraid anymore! There's no such thing as ghosts!

Oh, really? Then I wonder what I saw the other day. It looked like a fallen soldier. Only, pale and shimmering.

Wh-What?! No, you didn't...

It moaned my name. Very scary. So, we'll just wait here. The rest of you hurry back, now!

Zegai is in the dungeon. If we took Lym with us, we couldn't talk to him.

Oh, that's right... We can't tell the Princess about Gizel's schemes, can we?

This time, we can actually get into the prison itself. (music)

Patrol Guard: Per His Majesty Ferid's orders, we're giving Zegai the same meals we eat and attending to all his needs. Would you like to see Zegai, Your Highness?

Yes, please.

Patrol Guard: Certainly, Your Highness! Just a moment, please! Zegai will be pleased to see you, Your Highness!

So he opens the door for us.

They say it weren't such an easy ride back in th' day, mind ya!

Zegai isn't alone down here; there's also a generic dude in one of the earlier cells. I like to imagine it's one of the idiots we beat up last time we went into town.

But we're not here for generic dudes.


Not one for small talk, is he?

I'm sorry to put you in a place like this, but there are Godwin-faction people at thge Sun Palace, too. We couldn't risk them seeing you wandering around free.

How long?


How long do I have to stay here?

A spear unused is no spear at all. I thank you for saving me. But fighting is my life. That is why I am a gladiator. If I can't fight, I have no purpose. And a thing without purpose should not exist.


I understand how you feel...

The engagement ceremony... Can you wait until after Lym's engagement ceremony? I can't give you any details, but once that's over, I'm sure we can get you out of here.

...I'll wait.

Thank you.

It's time we left, before his doom and gloom rubs off on us.

I can't say that he seems pleased, but we're doing all we can to make him comfortable.

The guard has a few words for us before we leave...

...and then we're back in our nice shiny palace again.

What took you so long?! I was afraid you'd been eaten by ghosts or something! W-We don't need to be here anymore, right? We can go now, can't we?

That's the plan.

Except Kyle gets in my face just as I'm about to head out.

So, I asked Ferid to let me go with you this time. I'm like, "Look, I missed out when they went to Lordlake, and the Sacred Games. I'm overdue for some action." You know what he said?

Just like that! What did I ever do to him?

I wonder. Not that you're the most reliable person I've ever met, but that seems a bit harsh!

We can also talk to Kyle...

Wonder why I can't go with you... Maybe Ferid's mad at me or something?

...but that doesn't help us out much. Time to head into town!

We get a little Sialeeds sprite on the loading screen this time.

Some of the NPCs have new lines, but as usual, it's nothing terribly interesting. It's an opportunity to listen to the town music though, if you're into that sort of thing.


But the Godwins have punished Lordlake on a daily basis ever since, claiming to be "following the Queen's command." Once they get their son through the doors of the Sun Palace, who know what they'll do?

Well, sometimes they're relevant, but then they're mostly depressing instead. So let's go do something guaranteed to cheer me up!

This part sadly isn't voiced, but have a video of it anyway! (also music)

Wow... Wow... Wow...

Hey, stop blocking the view!

You!!! Mother has a name for women like YOU! "Hussies"!!! The Princess orders you to clothe yourself, hussy!!!

What do you mean? I'm dressed quite normally, if you ask me! Tee-hee...

It's a bit weird seeing Jeane with pink hair, and she does in fact have the usual silver colour in the concept art (which I'll get to shortly) but I'm guessing they decided that was a royal family trademark or something.

What's "normal" about ANYTHING you're wearing???!!! Hussy! Hussy, hussy, hussy!!!

This is the best reaction to Jeane ever. Even better than the perv by the hot springs in IV.

...I give up.

You're not really one to talk, auntie.

Heh! Seems the Princess doesn't like "hussies"...

Oh! You must be that beautiful Rune mistress Kyle was raving about... Or as he put it, "that fine babe."

And you're not helping!

I'm flattered! Tee-hee-hee...

A Rune mistress? THIS hussy???!!!

Careful with the punctuation there, Lym. Unlike Suikoden II, we have a limited supply.

Yes. My name is Jeane. Tee-hee... I am honored to have such important people in my shop. How can I help you?

Frey is playing it cool.

Ah, Runes! That's refreshing! It bothers me how many customers come to my shop and don't even look at my Runes...

There's a joke in here but I'm not goin-

I'd look at your Runes any day, if you know what I mean

-oh goddammit.

Really? Wonder why...


I'm rich! Rich, I say! And so I'm going to buy Lyon a water rune because you never know when she'll have to wake up Sialeeds again. And since we're talking to our resident rune sage anyway, let's take a look at the basic runes!

As usual, they exist in basic and advanced varieties, and the normal ones use the first four spells, while the advanced ones use 2-5 and move them down one rank. Sadly, the higher tier elemental runes are very rare in this game.

Fire -> Rage
1: Flaming Arrows - 100 damage, one enemy.
2: Dancing Flames - 200 damage, cluster.
3: Blazing Wall - 300 damage, row.
4: Explosion - 700 damage, all enemies.
5: Final Flame - 1200 damage, all enemies.

All Fire spells can also inflict Burn, which damages enemies by 5% of max HP every round. The Fire rune is decent for clearing out mooks, but generally, I prefer lightning.

Lightning -> Thunder
1: Thunder Runner - 100 damage, column.
2: Berserk Blow - 300 damage, one enemy.
3: Soaring Bolt - 900 damage, divided among enemies.
4: Furious Blow - 1000 damage, column.
5: Thunder Storm - 1100 damage, all enemies.

Lightning spells are usually the best for taking out a single, powerful enemy. Soaring Bolt in particular is pretty fantastic. The last spell is a bit weird in that it's only marginally stronger than the fourth with an AoE, though. I liked the 1500 damage single target Heavenly Thunder from IV better.

Water -> Flowing
1: Kindness Drops - Heals all HP and negative status, one ally.
2: Breath of Ice - 100 damage, all enemies. May cause Freeze (same effect as Burn).
3: Kindness Rain - Heals 300 HP, all allies.
4: Silent Lake - Prevents magic usage for five rounds.
5: Mother Ocean - Fully heals one ally, even if unconscious.

A water rune is always nice to have around and even though it's mainly a healing rune, Breath of Ice isn't bad at all, as it will be your first all-target spell. As always, I have a bit of an issue with the higher level version losing the single target full heal, which is rather nice, but Kindness Rain as a second level spell is rather nice as well. However Silent Lake is still pretty shitty, and Mother Ocean comes in late and is very expensive, so it'll rarely see use.

Wind -> Cyclone
1: Wind of Sleep - It's still shit.
2: Healing Wind - Heals all HP and negative status, one ally.
3: The Shredding - 200 damage, all enemies.
4: Funeral Wind - 300 damage, 50% instant death, all enemies.
5: Shining Wind - 500 damage, all enemies; heals 300 HP, all allies.

As usual, the regular Wind rune is mostly garbage - Wind of Sleep has a 20% hit rate and Healing Wind is just the Water rune's first level spell, except it's a second level spell. Cyclone is pretty nice, however, although the damage output is a bit limited and I've never been that fond of Funeral Wind - if I'm casting a third or fourth level spell, it's probably not going to be against something that's vulnerable to instant death.

Earth -> Mother Earth
1: Clay Guardian - Boosts PDF and MDF for three rounds, all allies.
2: Vengeful Child - Protects one ally from magic, once.
3: Guardian Earth - Removes all status and field effects, all allies.
4: Earthquake - 800 damage, all enemies on the ground. May also cause unbalance.
5: Canopy Defense - Protects all allies from magic, once.

The Earth rune has become a bit shite after the first game, where it had two damaging spells which made it somewhat worth using (even though the buffs were bugged). Buffs usually aren't all that necessary, but at least Earthquake hits pretty hard - as long as you're not up against something that flies or floats.

That concludes our magic roundup for the time being. These aren't the only runes in the game, but we'll take a look at the others as they show up.

Was it worth standing here and missing the Sacred Games just for a look? I'm guessing he thinks so.

They've been scheming and plotting behind the scenes for generations! It's a disgrace! Does it make you as sick as it makes me, Your Highness?

Unless your sister has been auctioned off to the highest bidder too, I'm going to say it makes me sicker.

Think I'll buy some uh, medicine for that.

Okay, then! You can be... um... I know! You can be the Prince!

Well, why not?

But we have things to do, so we'll have to take them up on that another time. Next up, east palace!

Pictured: what we got... and what we almost got.


...I got nothing.