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Part 18: Royal Banquet

Two days after our return from Raftfleet...

Gizel's ship arrives in Sol-Falena, right on time. (music)

He strolls in as if he owns the place.

Lym hates him so much she clips her dress through the throne.

The rest of the family...

...aren't much happier, either.

And of course, this means it's time to mingle! (music)

Frey thinks the country would be better off if we just hucked 99% of the people in this room in the river and threw rocks until they stopped trying to get out.

Unfortunately, he's not hiding it very well.

Lyon isn't doing much better.

This is supposed to be a happy occasion, but you two look so gloomy.

...he shouted, for all present to hear.

Aha! Can't bear the thought of your little sister going away, can you?

Whatever are we going to do with you?

Well you could get a cart and some swift horses and load it with all the gold you can carry and meet me outside the gates that would be nice.

Look, I know it's tough, but you have to try and act a little more cheerful. Otherwise, people might get suspicious. That goes for you, too, Lyon.

But, Lady Sialeeds...

There. Take a look at that.

Meanwhile, Gizel is just beginning to notice the steam rising from Ferid's glass and wondering how he got warm wine when everyone else's is cold.

Oh. I guess I'll have to... socialise.

Too bad we're the only ones who think so!

Oh, fine, let's get on with it. There's a bunch of people around, so let's talk to them.

Noble (black suit): Ah, if it isn't His Royal Highness the Prince! I am related to the House of Godwin, your Highness! We shall, therefore, become kinsmen upon their marriage! I do so look forward to seeing MUCH more of Your Highness.

Don't taint my awesome royal family with your generic NPC genes.

The time has not yet come, Your Royal Highness. It's too early to feel tense. Please, preserve your patience.

But but but

Guard: I feel a bit out of place here, Your Highness.

At least they don't expect you to run around and chat with these idiots! They're all absolute fucksticks!

I guess his engagement isn't rally the place for him to be bringin' girls... But, still!

You are not improving my mood.

Ah, it's for the best, anyway. I can't raise a hand against a lady, after all.

You guys all act so secretive. How come I'm the only one who doesn't know the secret plan?!

Noble (blue dress): Oh, the Princess must be ever-so delighted that she is to be wed to a man with the pedigree of young Sir Gizel!

I'd say something about how that sounds like you're talking about a dog, but then I realized I'd be insulting the entire genus of Canis.

Noble (blue jacket): Truth to be told, I sold my land and hastily moved here to Sol-Falena so that I would be invited! Ho ho ho!

I'm sure you'll find it was all worth it.

No, do please go on. Louder, preferably.

Noble (blue dress): This is truly an auspicious bond that has been tied! From this day forth, peace shall surely reign over Falena!

Wait, am I in the right game? The box does say Suikoden, right...?

Noble (black dress): Today merely marks their betrothal. I so very much look forward to the day they actually wed!

And I look forward to the day the Mongolian hordes invade. They're late.

Actually, it may have been best to hold the wedding today as well.

You're mean and terrible. Go hang out with Alenia.

Guard: Finally...

And you? You can go with him, too.

Noble (tan dress): Sir Gizel has brought along quite a large number of kinsmen, despite the regrettable absence of his father.

Yes, regrettable. That was the word I was looking for.

However, we nobles who reside here in Sol-Falena have been allowed to attend this fine celebration as well! Ho ho ho!

No one in here is fat and/or jolly enough to pull off that laugh.

H-Huh? Yes, what is it? Pardon me. I was lost in thought.

You know, if you really want to switch places with Lym that bad, she'd probably agree to it if you asked.

During the ceremony, you gotta shout, "No! You will pry my sister from my COLD, DEAD HANDS!" C'mon, I DARE ya!

Don't do that. I have a feeling I might just get drunk and take you seriously.

Hmmm... I'd yell out something if I was sure they wouldn't kick me outta the Queen's Knights.

Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but I love you a whole bunch.

Noble (purple jacket): Oh, my, my, my, my! What a splendidly fantastical occasion! O-ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

If I just hid under my bed, do you think they'd find me before the banquet is over?

And even I can tell everyone else has a fake smile on... Only Gizel seems happy...

I don't have a big enough .

Why the long face, Frey? You're here to celebrate your sister's engagement. Try to look happier.

...Even if it's only for a few hours.

Only if your secret plan involves getting all these losers drunk and murdering them in their sleep.

Greetings, Your Highness... It's been far too long. First, allow me to apologize for the absence of my father. He would have liked to attend, but I requested that he stay home. Frankly, I would find it a little embarrassing were I to be accompanied by my father at this age...

If you weren't such a scumbag, I'd say something about how I understand where you're coming from, but you are, so I won't.

How is it going, Frey? Have you had enough?

And finally, we'll talk to Ferid.

Yes, I'm pretty much done.

Done. So very done.

Hmm, I see. It's still early, but this day is about Lym. She must be getting tired by now, too. We should call it a night.

I'll thank the gods as soon as I think of some I haven't insulted lately.

It's not that early. It's dark already when Gizel heads back to his ship.

Is the banquet over already, sir?

Yes. It's the princess' bedtime, you see.

Guard: A little while ago, an attendant came by and brought us some of the banquet food. It was quite delicious. Thank... you...

H-Huh...? Getting... sleepy...

The two of them collapse. That's some very convenient timing you have there, Gizel. (music)

Gizel, sir. Please wait aboard the ship, sir. We'll come see you when it's over.

Several people are disembarking from the ship, and among them...

...someone familiar.

Yes, I know.

That man in red... Something about his manner disturbs me. I want him watched.

I'll put someone on him. You can rest assured.

Fine, do that.

Worried about the lady, are we? How sentimental of you...
You have your orders. Just do as instructed.

Yes, sir!

Gizel walks away. And back in the castle...

...things are swiftly turning to shit. (music)

Someone creeps silently trough Frey's window...

...and raises a sword.




Godwin soldiers are running in through the main entrance,

...only to be met by a bunch of soldiers looking a lot less drugged than advertised.


And that's why we all took an antidote beforehand.

...the soldiers are the least of our worries.

We've got you all now! Don't even try to make any excuses! Godwin didn't see this coming, I bet.

Assassin: Fools...

What did you say?

Assassin: The reason we used that drug was so we wouldn't have to sacrifice so many of you. Now there's only going to be more unnecessary bloodshed!

Give up! You have no chance!

Assassin: Is that so?



That said the assassin does hit harder than anything we've faced so far, but he only does it once before Lyon crits him to death on the second round.

Still nowhere near as bad as they make it out to look.

*pant* *pant* I wonder if he's a member of...?
Who are you?! Answer me!

Damn, poison...! Looks like he took the easy way out...

We might have underestimated our enemy... if there are many more this tough, we're in trouble.

Yes, me, too... Let's at least get downstairs! Lyon?


It may not be the best time to quiz Lyon, but-

We don't have any time to lose! Prince! I will protect you with my life!

-as long as she does her job, we have no room to complain.


We haven't fought them off yet...? Or could they be beating us...?

We're not going to help anyone standing here. Let's go!

The halls are now crawling with Godwin soldiers, but they are easily dispatched.

More worrying, there's a bright light outside.

Arshtat didn't use... the Sun Rune?!

The light fades, leaving us with no answers.

And a little further down...

...dead bodies.

He only has one wound... A fatal one. We're not dealing with any amateurs here...


Well, well. Hello there. I'm glad to see you've saved us the trouble of coming to get you.

But why are you...? Ah, I get it now... You never were a gladiator in the first place, were you?!

Heh heh heh. Very perceptive of you. At the Sacred Games finals, you had to go and... interrupt me, just when we were getting to the... very best part! I've been hoping to get the chance to thank you for that, you know. Heh heh heh...

Huh? Who are you...?

Don't you remember me? I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. We were just little kids back then... But I remember you... Mismar.

No...! That's impossible!

So you do remember me, then.

Ha ha ha! This just keeps getting better and better! Imagine that! A Queen's Knight apprentice, His Royal Highness' bodyguard -- one of our old friends!

Prince! Lady Sialeeds! Hurry! Run!


Heh heh heh. Not so fast!

Now for the real battle. (music)

Dolph and Childerich are tough. You will almost certainly lose here the first time you fight them, and the game still continues if you do, but they are still beatable. And unlike the similar situation in II, you actually have the means to do it even without farming a million lightning scrolls or using the Matilda trick.

This is one time when buffs actually are helpful (finally a use for those Clay Guardian scrolls you started the game with!) but as long as you heal every round, it shouldn't be necessary. Although stats may vary somewhat, in my case I find only Lyon will go before the enemies, so I have to start healing her on the very first round. She can't stand up to two rounds of hits from Dolph and Childerich, and using a formation that puts Frey in the front line as well makes it more unpredictable and forces you to spend more rounds healing without hitting them back. It does seem like Dolph will always target Lyon (even though he has a long range weapon) but Childerich isn't quite as predictable and seems to randomly attack the front row.

If you fill Sialeeds' inventory with medicine (you should have plenty just from enemy drops and chests) and use one every round while Frey and Lyon spam their unite, you should outlast them. And if you throw out a buff in the beginning, that will of course make it even easier.

Sialeeds probably has a third level spell at this point. You can use it if she's free one round, but it only does ~120 damage - these two have ridiculous MDF.

It'll take 3-4 rounds to beat down one of them as they have some 1000 HP each, but once you get rid of one of them, the battle is practically won.

Eat it!

All in all, I think this is a really good fight, probably one of the best in the series - tough, but still beatable with a minimum of fuckery. The reward is a bit underwhelming for the effort involved, but a quarter of a Prosperity Rune (which doubles Potch gained after battle) isn't bad.

Not so tough now, are you?

*pant* *pant*

Heh heh heh...

Wait, fuck.

N-No... They aren't hurt at all?!

But I'm afraid playtime is over.


But finally, the cavalry arrives. It might not be pirates this time, but I'm still glad to see them. (music)




*gasp* Kyle!!


Kyle and Zegai push the assassins back...

...but we've no time to waste on them.

Kyle blasts them with his water rune,

and when the spell fizzles out, we're long gone.

That's what you get.

I could totally have taken Childerich. (music)

Sorry it took us so long.

Never mind that... What's the situation?

It's not good. The enemy is unnaturally strong, much more powerful than our guards. Our defense has been shattered. I might not have even made it here myself if I hadn't gotten help from Zegai. Where could Lord Godwin have found soldiers like these?

They're... they're Nether Gate members. I'm positive of it.


But... Arshtat disbanded them...!

I think -- no, I know -- Lord Godwin secretly took them over.

No! That can't be true! Nether Gate killed Gizel's mother! Marscal's wife! They've been mortal enemies ever since. And you're saying that Godwin has had Nether Gate on his side for eight years?

Yes. I am.

Lyon... how can you be so sure?

I'm sorry... I promise I'll tell you all about it some other time.

After we get out of here! Prince, we have to go! Now!

Your first priority is getting away! Nether Gate wants your blood, too!

Prince, you have to understand.

You have to protect your bloodline. That means fleeing at a time like this, even if you want to stay and fight. You'll have to let us do our job, and protect your family at any cost.

I'll find Her Majesty and the Princess. You and Lady Sialeeds better run, now!

Is that all right with you, Lady Sialeeds?

Yes. Just take care of Arshtat and Lym...

I won't let you down. Lyon, I'm leaving the Prince and Lady Sialeeds's safety in your hands.

All right! I'd better see you again, Kyle.

Zegai, will you go with the Prince, too?

I'd rather stay. There's more fighting here.

I know, but please. I'd feel much better if I knew you were with them.


I'll leave first. Give me a bit of a head start, then make your escape. Good luck!

Kyle runs off. While we're waiting, Frey makes another attempt to get Lyon to talk.

Please don't ask me about Nether Gate now...

It goes as well as expected.

We still don't have a destination in mind, but Sialeeds points us in the right direction as we're about to leave.

Let's head towards the Queen's Knights' guard room. I know an escape route.

We open the door,

and run straight into Georg. Watch this.

What about you? Aren't you supposed to be with Arshtat and Ferid?

The Queen... and Ferid...


Nooo...! How can that be?!

I'm sorry...


I'm sorry... but there's no time to grieve now. The Sun Palace is about to fall. You've gotta get out!

Wait... Just a minute...
If Arshtat is dead... then that means the Sun Rune must've gone back to the Sealed Room. That means, if Godwin gets a hold of it...

Kyle went to the Sealed Room for us. All you have to do is concentrate on getting the hell out of here!

Don't worry. She's all right. Miakis and Galleon are with her. Leave Lym to them.


I don't like putting it like this... but in a way, Lym is already safe.
Look, the Godwins intend to install Lym as a figurehead queen and then somehow control her. The fact that they waited until after the official engagement before they made their move proves that.

So there's no way they're going to harm Lym now.

But you and Sialeeds will just get in their way. They'd love to kill you both.

That's right! The Princess already lost her mother and father today. You can't let her lose you two, too. For her sake, you have to run!

Of course I'm worried...! How could you ask me that? But I'm your bodyguard, Prince! His Majesty Ferid ordered me to protect you at all times, no matter what! I can't let you go, and that's final!

I don't care. Get out of my way!

Watch this.


Don't be sorry, Lyon. If you didn't do what you did, who knows what he would've done?

Lady Sialeeds...


Oh, Arshtat...!



*panting* I'm trying!!
But... Where are my mother and father?! Galleon! Weren't you with them?!


Princess! Stay back!!

Hello, Princess. And where might you be going?




What...? Tell me what's going on here!