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Part 64: Doraat Siege

Watch the cutscenes!

Feel my wrath, filthy devils! To WAR! And as usual, that means war music. Though if you like, you can always listen to the theme of Alenia's forces instead.

Someone has re-arranged our units in the most terrible manner, presumably in a vain attempt to make this map look challenging. I'd just like to say that I'm on to you, you bastard, and once I'm done sacking Doraat, I'm coming for you.

We can't do anything about Frey's unit, and they've stuffed two of our casters into a unit that benefits in no way from having casters in it (magic can only be used in a unit led by a caster), but the other seven will be quite sufficient. Most of them won't actually be contributing much. Note how underwhelming Bernadette's special unit looks, with just one use each of Flowing and Barrage; it's rather disappointing. The three of them will probably be working separately in upcoming battles.

As in Lelcar, we could mostly ignore the sea part of the battle if we wanted, but that would involve leaving hundreds of Nazis un-sunk, which is clearly unacceptable.

What's that, "valiant" soldiers? Sorry, those are all on my side.

...speaking of which, I think I've found my random Are You Bored Of The Standard War Theme Yet track for the update.

On this glorious day, we fight our first battle for Her Majesty Queen Lymsleia and His Majesty Gizel! Defeat is not an option! We will present the royal couple with a grand victory, a portent of a better, brighter future!

Anyone care to guess how well that's going to turn out?

Hmph! The Princess wants nothing of this "future"!

Miakis! How dare you openly portray such insolence! In fact, how do I know you won't betray us?!

She's not forgetting, she's wilfully ignoring. Alenia needs to be taught a lesson.

That's not going to teach her anything. Charge!

Slaughter anything that gets in our path!

This battle is really easy. There are five enemy land units, aside from Alenia and Miakis' unit (A rank infantry, 300 HP, one use of Twilight) and one of them is the archer right next to it; as far as I know it won't move. There's also one regular archer, but it's located farthest to the west, below the fortress, and doesn't even seem to notice as I draw out all its buddies. Wilhelm is going to kill these three infantry units single-handedly. Each attack takes off more than half their HP.

Babbage and Sorensen run special archery units with the Barrage command upgraded to Catapult.

It's much the same as Barrage, but with more range. They're only C rank units, so the damage isn't great, but they each have two uses and an Extra makes five, so that's quite a bit of sniping. Maybe I'll even care to use it again, if there's ever any cavalry units to use it on...

After killing off most of their ground troops, things start happening in Doraat.


You understand, right? Just send up some smoke. Don't go burning the whole town down, now!

Okay, okay! I got it, already! Man, you're such a pain...

What?! Smoke?!

Fire!!! Fire!!! Just like Lelcar!

Townswoman: He's right! Look at the smoke!

Townsman: It's just like Lelcar! Those damn Godwins! They're gonna burn our town to the ground!

Townswoman: No! I don't wanna be burned alive! I don't wanna lose my house! I don't wanna lose my family!

Townsman: We've gotta get out of here before they burn us all alive! Come! Follow me if you want to live!

I know a couple of Sarahs, but I don't think either of them is named Connor.

The not-really-that-clever-but-still-rather-nice plan plays out just as you'd expect it to.

And the townspeople trample the archer unit outside the gates. My EXP!

Wait, I don't get EXP for these. Carry on then.

What is the meaning of this?! Give me a report!

Soldier: The townspeople are storming the gate!


Soldier: They've opened it from the inside and have started fleeing town! Our troops have been divided by the crowd! They can't maneuver effectively anymore!

What the hell is going on?! ...Who's behind this?!

Ah, Alenia, you useless piece of shit, I almost have to feel sorry for you.

Almost. As in, I probably would if you weren't a useless piece of shit.

Don't let them reorganize. We must storm Doraat at once!

Not before I kill everything on this map!

So, naval warfare, then. The weapon triangle just went out the window, because Beavers are strong against all ships. They just chew right through them.

Literally. There's a "crunch-crunch-crunch" sound effect and everything. I may have to video it at some point uploaded a video if anyone wants to see and hear for themselves.

Gnaw deals damage and lowers defence. Fuwala also has a Flowing use. He'll be more or less soloing all these boats. The others will toss in a Barrage if they get a chance, but apart from that they won't actually fight.

Speaking of which, both the enemy archer ships are Barrage assholes. Fuwala's unit doesn't care all that much, though.

How about a taste of your own medicine

Having dealt with the three infantry units, Wilhelm sits back to enjoy the show. Isabel takes on the last archer. This is hardly a fair fight.

Ah, that's what I like to see!

There's no stopping these furry freaks!

And remember, one use of Flowing means twice the murder!

Come the fuck ON.

And the boat proceeds to get stuck on fucking nothing and instantly initiates another battle it'll inevitably lose. Okay then!

About time we had a little... talk... with Alenia. The goal of the battle is to get Frey inside Doraat.

Hmph! We have them right where we want them, then! It's time!

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!"


No... It couldn't be...!

How dare such power be possessed by one so... unworthy!

The enemy is in chaos! Now's our chance to regroup! I want our entire force concentrated within Doraat's walls!

Your what force, now?

Frey, we must overwhelm them at once!

I'm working on it!

Indeed. That magic was impressive to the eye, but it wasn't all that effective militarily. Continue the attack, but keep your eyes peeled.

What the fuck ever who gives a shit.

"I'm gonna do it, and I will hear no arguments!"

"...Just this once."


"I drew a blank."

But as it turns out, that may be just as well since Alenia's unit is actually plot invincible and can't take damage.

Nevertheless, Frey is only a couple of steps from the seize point, and wiping out 2200 enemies with only 260 casualties on the way quite handily nets us a Victory+. The Guardian Scarf boosts MDEF by 10. It's kinda shit.

That won't do them any good! (music)

Hmph! What are they waitin' for?! Let's go put them out of their misery!

You know, I really wish you could have been a playable character, but you're not, so shut your mouth.

Wait, please.

That magic we just saw has me worried. If used in close quarters, it might be quite deadly.

???: I'll go.


Frey, come with me.

What?! With her?!

Hurry! This way!

Ugh, fine.

I'm going to go around back just in case. We can't afford to let them escape! Not with a weapon like that.
I'll need a few soldiers.

Okay, Lady Sialeeds, but be careful.

Got it!
You guys be careful, too!

Sorry, I'm going to charge in screaming and waving my stick all over the place.

After I set up my party. We have everything we need here, mostly. Well, we're missing Chuck, who'd be quite useful, but with Jeane, Zegai and (goddammit) Zerase available, we can set things up fairly well.


Bringing the newest recruits as usual. Gavaya's going to catch up in levels before we're done. Moroon is here for... the atmosphere. Yes.

On with it!

Doraat has a lot of Godwin soldiers running around, and they have kind of obnoxiously high health - this party is quite strong, but even they can't bring the three of these down in one round. Moroon is never going to see action, but like Cornelio, he changes the battle music to something much more suited to an action-filled charge into the heart of an enemy fortress.

We're fighting inside a town here, and we'll be able to come back later. So although there are some nice items lying around, we'll be saving them until we can poke around without random enemies getting in our face every few steps.

If you take the straight path, it's not terribly long.

Alenia awaits us just inside. (music)


Hmph! Who knew you'd get in so easily? No matter. Now that you have, you've played right into my hands!

Oh, no!

I knew it... The Twilight Rune!

As long as we have this Rune, we need not fear the Dawn Rune! I imagine Gizel will be most pleased when I bring back the Dawn Rune... along with the heads of you rebels! You'll rue the day you dared to stand before me!

Cease speaking of things which you do not understand, fool.

Hmmm? And just who the HELL are you?! How dare you address me that way!

Do you actually think someone as... ordinary as you is capable of mastering that Rune? Such insolence.

Silence! I could ask you the same question! What makes YOU so special?! Your arrogance is unbearable! And you'll now see that I have more than enough power to bear the Twilight Rune!

Alenia is full of shit as usual and we beat the stuffing out of her in two rounds.

The generic mooks actually stick around very slightly longer. Still not more than two rounds, though.

And so to no one's great surprise, Alenia finds herself defeated.

Ridiculous! How could I be defeated?! I thought the Twilight Rune would be unstoppable!!

Maybe if you had, you know, not been shit enough to get killed before you had a chance to use it on us?

And that's why you are a fool.

The worst part of this is I'm actually sitting here nodding my head at Zerase's lines.


It's really easy to hate Alenia, though.

There's no way it would let someone use its full power if they managed to obtain it through some foolish trick.

Not only is she every bit as much of a bitch as Zerase, but she's laughably incompetent on top of it.

Trick? What are you talking about?! Are you saying YOU were chosen by the Dawn Rune?! That I wasn't chosen?! Impossible!! I'm supposed to be the one!! Me! ME!!

Good job, Alenia. Even the Rune thinks you're a douche.

What are you doing?!

I-I'm not doing any--


Zerase pulls some shit I'm pretty sure is not on the spell list for the Star Rune.

And the Twilight Rune apparently thinks there's too much concentrated essence of asshat in the room and goes back to sleep.

That's what happens when an imposter tries to possess the Rune.
I'll take the Twilight Rune back now, thank you.

Suddenly Dolph out of fucking nowhere!



Now, get ahold of yourself. We're getting out of here.


Well crud.

I'm not jumping through the bloody window! You do it.

Like the town, the fortress is full of loot, and mooks.

We'll head out straight east, up these stairs.

And down the other ones. Yeah, this architecture makes sense, sure.

And -

The last person standing in our way is none other than Miakis.

What are you doing here, Miakis?!

It doesn't matter! Now get out of the way!!

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't do that.

Did someone tell you to guard this door? If they did, then they're just using you to help Alenia get away!!

So what if you're a Queen's Knight?! Does that mean you take orders from Gizel or Alenia?!

You don't understand. Being a Queen's Knight is really the only thing that I have left.

But, Miakis!


That's right. You'll have to fight me.

Watch the duel.

N-No fair... Prince... Wh-When did you... get... so strong? What happened to that boy...? That cute boy that the Princess used to push around?

I'm afraid I... can't... protect the Princess anymore...