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Part 74: Strategists get all the chicks

As usual, after a nice deep dungeon crawl (and this one was deeper than most) it's nice to wash off the dust and monster bits.

Frey has discovered too late that he brought all the wrong people with him to do it.

Huh? What is it?

How come when you flirt with the ladies, they all go...

"Ooh, Kyle, are you being silly again? You're so naughty!"

And you don't even get in trouble! But when I try to talk to them, they run away! I don't get it!

Eh, it's probably 'cause you look like...

Like WHAT?

*ahem* Like... Well, here, listen. See, when you talk to girls, you're all serious, 'cause you're thinking about marriage, right? Maybe they don't like that kind of pressure. My theory, anyway.

Don't be ridiculous! What's wrong with being serious?! I'm pouring my heart and soul into trying to find a life partner! That's no laughing matter!

Well, yeah, but I'm not so sure trying to pick up every girl in sight is the right way to do that...

Hmph! Well, I just don't get you. You or that other guy, Wilhelm, or whatever his name is! Especially him! I think he actually enjoys giving the ladies a hard time! Neither one of you guys know how to treat a girl right! Why can't you be more sincere and earnest?! Like me!

Yeah, how's that working out for you again?

Frey sighs and just concentrates on keeping that old book out of the water as the waves grow higher.

Old Book 4 - The Ancient Armes Dynasty posted:

Long, long ago -- indeed, even hundreds of years before the arrival of the legendary Sindar race, a mighty dynastic nation held power in this land. That nation was the Ancient Armes Dynasty.

Blessed by the Sun Rune, the dynasty was prosperous beyond compare. Its vast territory stretched across what is now known as the Queendom of Falena, the New Armes Kingdom, and Nagarea.

One fateful day, however, the King suddenly and inexplicably went insane. His madness caused the Sun Rune to go berserk, destroying everything in its path. The magnificent Armes Dynasty, the pinnacle of civilization, was gone in an instant. In its place lay only dry and barren wilderness.

Some theorize that the capital of this dynasty was near Amdort Mountain, in the center of the present-day Queendom of Falena. However, no trace of the civilization remains.

However, it's safe to say that if the Sun Rune indeed burned all vestiges of the capital to the ground, then there should be no remains to discover.

Although the people of the modern-day New Armes Kingdom claim to be descendants of the Ancient Armes Dynasty, there is no proof that they have any racial or cultural relationship to the dynasty whatsoever.

The New Armes Kingdom's claims are likely just nationalistic propaganda, aimed at building itself up into a nation as great as the Ancient Armes Dynasty once was.

Since most people now identify the name "Armes" with the New Armes Kingdom, the true Ancient Armes Dynasty is usually just referred to as "the Ancient Dynasty" or "the Ancient Nation."

Something tells him he probably shouldn't have found this in the ruins of said ancient nation, but he has learned that there's no use asking questions. The only people who have answers aren't going to give them to you anyway.

So he takes out his aggression on the fish in the lake instead.

Especially big fish get action lines!! It is very exciting!!

Frey feels better. Onward, to adventure!

Them Godwins done finally moved outta the way in Doraat, so ya got clear sailin' there! Well, least till Port Spinacks. Ya gotta hoof it from there, Prince!

And so he shall, but not until, like, next update.

Red dot on the right is Doraat. Our destination is the one on the left.

Things would be so much easier if there was a direct boat to the castle!

Spinacks is sitting on the river, one part on each side and a big-ass bridge between them. (music)

And it has dragon horses.

If your buddy is like this tall and green and goes "griiink" then he's over that way.

Let's go take care of things over at Sauronix Castle first!

I don't see Sauronix Castle getting stabbed in the back by the dapperest assassin in the country!

Apparently, it's Godwin territory. It's too dangerous to go there now.

Don't worry, I'll completely ignore your advice in just a bit.

Dammit Miakis!

Logg put us down on the wrong side of the river. Gotta cross this bridge to get to the other side.

If you're looking for Sauronix Castle, just keep heading south.

It's much the same on the other side. Except it's turned the other way around.

And there's a lady with a portrait here.

Hmm... You are an impressive sight, despite your youth. Falena breeds its warriors well.
Forgive me. I am Hazuki. I live by the sword. I am traveling the world as part of my training.
Seeing that you, too, are a warrior, I wish to submit a query. Do you know of the Kanakan swordsman they call Belcoot?

If we tell her otherwise, she calls our bluff. Calls us a terrible liar, too. So we won't.

It is indeed as I suspected. You need not tell me any more. As long as I know that he is in Falena, I shall seek him by my own devices.

I think not!

Wait, that's not Belcoot.

You! You... vulgar beast!

Oh, I get it! You've followed me all this way so we can get married!

You shall keep your filthy paws away! Come near me, and you shall feel the wrath of my blade!

How many people are that who wish to exact swift and final retribution on Gavaya now...?

Oh, my sweet Hazuki, always such a tease! You've been so naughty! Come on over to daddy...

There's one more now! Me!

...Prepare to die!

Okay! All right, already! I'm sorry! Don't look at me like that! You're creeping me out!

I should hope so, you vulgar beast!

He's creeping me out! I'm kicking him for

wait fuck you're not Belcoot either

Ah, you. You aren't involved. Why should I tell you?

Why...? Because I want to know! Do you have a problem with that?!

That's hardly a good reason.
Long have I pursued Belcoot. I shall not allow a mere... lovesick girl to meddle in our dispute.

I... I am not...

*long, awkward pause*

...a lovesick girl...

And I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. See, it's right here.

All right, one more try.


Belcoot indeed.


At long last, I have found you! Draw your blade! I challenge you to a duel!

You're still...

I was christened a prodigy! A once-in-a-century phenomenon! I felt invincible!
Until my defeat to you... But I thank you for cutting down my ego and conceit. Since then... I have had but one mission in life: I must defeat you to prove myself! I order you one last time! Draw your blade!

I refuse.

What?! How dare you!

Don't mind me! I'm just...

Prince Frey?! I... I had no idea...

(Psst, Miakis. Pass the popcorn.)

My ignorance has caused me considerable embarrassment. Please accept my humblest apologies.

No, no, go back to what you were doing! I was enjoying the show!

Thus, I have one last request, noble Prince Frey...
...I ask that you order Belcoot to do battle with me!


You are the Prince's loyal and humble servant. You must follow his orders to the letter, no?

Hazuki, I'm not the Prince's "servant." Not only that, but I don't fight because of any "orders." I have Decided of my own will to fight for the Prince. Nothing more, and nothing less.

...It all becomes clear! I, too, shall join Prince Frey's forces!


The Prince has inspired such feelings in a swordsman as skilled as yourself. Such a leader has piqued my interest.
And if I stay close to you, there may well be a chance for us to cross swords again one day. I shall keep my eyes upon you at all times, my dear Belcoot.
Prince Frey, I stand humbly at the mercy of your will!

Poor Belcoot. But hey, I got a chick with a sword out of the deal, so it's all right by me.

What do you wish of me, my Liege?

Come on, join us!

Perfect. Understood, my Liege.

...but I'm booting Belcoot so he doesn't have to put up with you any more.

She makes a pretty good first impression!

She also comes with the unique Sickle Rune which hits things in a line for 1x damage.

On to the next bit.

Assistant: Where do you want to go?

Now that we've heard about Hershville being near here...

...we can set sail.

It's a bit north and west.

Hershville doesn't look that interesting, but it has new stores. (music)

Ah, what's the matter with kids these days? Always looking up to the "bad boys"!

And some really dense Godwin guards.

But our heart's not in it. We're not gonna bug you if you don't bug us, all right?

Hey, I like this guy. How about you join me instead?

All of you join my army!

Equipment sets make a rather weak return in V. There are nine all in all, but most of them we don't really care about. Prosperity is nice; stack all five pieces (head, body, arm, leg, ring) to double your Potch gains!

...but once you have the set on, gains are locked to 2x. However, as long as you don't have the full set, you can stack the effects of as many Prosperity parts as you like, which can add up to more if you really cram them on everywhere you can.

'course, it'd cost a bunch of money to buy the rings in the first place.

I always behave in an appropriate fashion. Walking into enemy strongholds wearing my full Rebel Army Leader getup couldn't possibly be considered improper anywhere, right?

Guard (2): Hmmm? Do you want to go inside? You don't need to ask permission, you know. Just go on in.

Things seem pretty relaxed around here.

This trip has already proven worth it!

There's also a Thunder Piece in a random chest in a room around here. I only need one more! Come on, my death cannon is almost complete!

...Oh? Are you from that rebel army that--
No, that can't be right. Excuse me. But your attire certainly suggests rebelliousness. You know you could get arrested looking like that, don't you? The Hershville Naval Base is, after all, under the control of the Godwins.

And we haven't even got started on the Stars of Destiny they have lying around. Sadly though, this guy is not available now.

Man: Don't go broadcasting this, but you can't get anywhere around here without greasing the wheels a little!

And here I am without any grease. I may have to try violence instead.

Still, all of the papers seem to be in order... I must just be imagining things!

It has nothing to do with me! It's not as if I've been going through all your buildings and looting all the chests or anything!

Excuse me, young man. Could you point me in the direction of Sol-Falena? I've just arrived here from the continent to the north.

That's a long ass way to go!

I believe the quickest route to Sol-Falena is through Stormfist.

Do you know any other way to get to Sol-Falena?

Are you in a hurry? Because I'm totally going to invade the place, but I have a couple dozen random Stars of Destiny to recruit before we can get to it.

I'd like to seen an old... shall we say, "acquaintance" of mine.
Looks impossible, doesn't it?
I'll look around a bit more myself.

Hmm. I'm sure you're not up to anything suspicious at all.


That's treason, you know! You may only be a kid, but it doesn't mean you can't be thrown in jail!

You're a funny man.

Sadly, the funny man also prevents us from going out through the back. We have to take the boat back.

Oh, and would you look at that, what a coincidence!

By the way...
...You're being followed.

Wait, what?

Uh, do you think that's wise?

...he thought better of it.

What the heck is that weapon?!

What? Oh, this? It's a gun. Only a select few of us in the northern continent have them. It's amazing, don't you think?
So... Do you know a woman by the name of Lucretia Merces? She's the one I need to see. Can you take me to her? I can tell you're a nice young man... I mean, a nice prince. Prince Frey.

I told you!

I'm sure it'll be okay to bring the Harmonian sniper to our little rebel base, what's the worst that can happen? It's not like she'd shoot someone!

Are you sure? I can't decide if you're overly kind of just an idiot.

Option three, lady. I'm a protagonist. The protagonist, in fact.

Anyway, thank you. By the way, my name is Cathari. Please remember it.

Sure thing, Kate.

Katja here is pretty beastly. She's more or less a ranged Georg, only one hit, but with a lot of power to it.

She also comes with an old favourite, the Godspeed Rune. Aside from guaranteeing a 100% escape rate in battle... allows you to dash. Even on the world map. Even if you don't use Kelly in battle, she's likely to be in your entourage. And of course, with the perfect escape rate, there's no need to bring Takamu any more, so we've freed up a slot anyway.

Sounds like Lelei is going to have some competition.

Not sure why everyone's clustered around; they don't have anything useful to say. Let's just do the important bits.

Hmm? You brought Cathari with you?
All right. Let's discuss matters in a more... private location.

Although I don't think most people would understand a word of this even if we did have this conversation right in the open.

Only ten years...

"Only ten years"? For someone I haven't seen in a decade, you sure are straightforward.

I am not making these lines up! Stop looking at me like that!

I'm all right. Thanks, though.

I have a favor to ask.

I thought you might. Does your arrival indicate a state of panic?

No, more like nervous watching. What are you doing here?

Funny that you ask. I know you know the answer already.

You haven't deserted the cause?

Well, I'm not sure what would constitute "deserting the cause." I'm doing what I believe is correct. Nothing more.

Very well.

I'm sure you have questions, but I am in no position to clarify my background or objectives.
Let me make something clear to you: Your battle affects more than just this country. There are northern countries observing Falena and the Sun Rune, as well as Armes and the Island Nations.
If they determine that Falena is in the wrong, they will not hesitate to intervene. I do not wish this. That is why I want to... assist you.

Always. Always.

I look forward to working with you.

And then Frey had a Harmonian sniper.

Next time, Miakis. Next time.

had I known that Gavaya was in Falena, I would never have come here.

First though, the mail, as usual.

You might think I'm too old for it, but I really enjoy that girl's puppet shows. Especially around here. She's good for morale.

She's our official mascot.

When I decided to study under Levi, Zunda got really mad at me. She still lectures me even now. "Think of your future!" she says. It's so annoying!

Cat p... sorry, I mean "dwarves."

I hear you're the one that brought Hazuki here! Good job, knave! Just remember, don't get between us! She's gonna be all mine!

I wouldn't dream of it. For one thing, she might stab me instead of you.

I love you, Prince! Let's get married!

Th... this is all so sudden! I'm not sure what to say!

I hear one of the Six Great Generals, Milich Oppenheimer, was here as an envoy from the Scarlet Moon Empire. It would have been interesting if he'd run into Georg Prime.

It would! But he didn't. So sad. So, so sad.

Two or three of them once approached me with their stinking breath and wicked intentions. What were they thinking? We're incompatible races! Or are they truly that foolish?

Well I'm guessing you're talking about Wilhelm and Gavaya in which case yes they are that foolish.

Which one do you like, Frey? I think Maroon is the softest and most cuddly.

Moroon is my favourite, but don't you dare tell him I said so.

And Oboro has completed his latest assignment. It's time we put him on another case... and ended this update. I have one last thing to do, though...

...and it's beautiful.

Catharsis artwork, and some various sketchy stuff for people who've already joined.

Next up, dragon cavalry! For real, this time!