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Part 80: Wittle Dwaggie Horsies

So what we actually want to do

is head back to Spinacks

and talk to this dude

Cavalry Soldier: They said you should go to the Deep Twilight Forest immediately!

so we can find out that we need to go to the place where we were five minutes ago and that we just missed the people we need to talk to like we're in a bad comedy or something.

There's another one on the other side, too.

Here we get that weird music that's not exactly the standard forest theme again but whatever.

Roog! Rahal! Hey, guys!

Ah, we've been waiting for you, Your Highness. Don't worry -- Godwin's soldiers won't find us here.

That's good, but... what's going on?

...I know what you want to ask, Miakis. I cannot apologize enough for the Dragon Cavalry's failure to repel the Armes invasion.
The Dragon Cavalry is the Queendom's first line of defense, and we have failed our duty. However...

...We don't know what's up, either! The Commander won't give the order to ride out! He won't even say why!

Nor will he say why those Godwin soldiers now infest our castle walls. He won't explain why he allows it.

Prince, you gotta meet with the Commander! Please! If he won't tell us, maybe he'll tell you!

I'll take Your Highness there on these mounts. The Godwin soldiers won't notice if we enter from the river.

So long as Miakis doesn't squeal too loud.



...well, she's managed to keep it bottled up this long. Better let her get it out of her system, or she might, I dunno, explode or something. (music)


Miakis, you're gonna spoil him!


Enough goofing around, you two. We have business to attend to.
Your Highness, this way, if you would...

I brought Cathari for the stairs. Let's get crackin'.

Some of the soldiers have new lines, but...

We've been told that the Godwin troops surrounding the castle aren't enemies! They said we shouldn't attack them!

...they're pretty much all "WTF is going on here?" so I won't show them all.

Instead, let's get to the fucking stairs.

Craig better be worth all this work.

Please, enter, Your Highness.

I was going to, but then you had to say more words!

Fucking Craig has gone all emo on us GREAT JUST WHAT I NEEDED (music)

I should slap you, but Miakis called it first.

Wh-Why has His Royal Highness graced s with his presence this day?

I think it's pretty obvious. You know what we came to ask, Craig!


Yes... I do.
You must understand... I did promise that the Dragon Cavalry would do everything in its power to repel any and all foreign invaders. And I have no excuse for breaking that promise.

However, we, the Dragon Cavalry, regret to inform Your Royal Highness that we cannot ride out!

Why, Craig?! Falena has been invaded! If not now, when?!

...W-We, the Dragon Cavalry, cannot reveal that information. It is with the deepest regr--

It's pretty obvious someone has his balls in a vice, and if you actually read the dragon knight book a couple of updates ago (why did you not read the dragon knight book it took me like 20 minutes to transcribe) you can probably guess what kind of scenario we're heading towards here. I'm starting to wonder if I should have saved that thing for later...

Oh yeah, and some less gloomy people ran in without even knocking or anything.

Commander, I must speak with you. We hate to do this, but if you won't change your mind, not even for His Highness, then you leave us no choice.

Commander! Forgive me! But I'm going with them!


I intend to accompany His Highness as well.

Such recklessness from you, Rahal, as well...?

I've had doubts about your decisions before, Commander. But in the end, your wisdom has always proven correct. I can see no reason why you refuse to give the order to ride, Commander...
...But I suspect that, in the end, your wisdom will be proven correct this time as well.
Nevertheless... The Dragon Cavalry's allegiance lies with the lands and rivers of Falena! I must take up arms if the lands of Falena demand it, even if that means going against your wishes, Commander!

Roog, Rahal... Thank you! Thank you so much, guys!

At your service, Prince!

I don't know how much help the two of us will be, but please allow us to join Your Highness.

We don't get the option to turn them down, but if you wanted to, you are Dumb and Deserve Everything That's Coming To You.

...I ask that Lance and Flail remain here.

Your Royal Highness, I simply ask that you please look after these two...

Frey would do that even if you didn't ask. I thought you were cooler than this, Craig!

(If by "look after" you mean "drag them to the front lines ASAP" but let's not sweat the small stuff.)

Stars of Destiny aside, this trip has been a bit of a waste. (music)

I don't even get to kill any Godwin soldiers!

All we can do is head back to the castle.

The invaders move ever forward! The longer we spend here, the greater the danger to Your Highness' castle!

Why'd I have to say I'd bring the WHOLE Dragon Cavalry back with me...?

Yeah, I wish there were more of us, too... I STILL don't get what the hell the Commander's thinkin'!

The Commander will bring the Dragon Cavalry to the rescue eventually. I have faith. We must help Your Highness' army hold out until that time comes. This is our duty!'s better than nothing.

Let's ride Flail and Lance until we're safely out of sight of those Godwin soldiers.

So we did.

It's the revenge of the generic dock!



We could walk back to the mine cart and ride it to the dwarf camp, then take the boat back, but... there's no reason we'd particularly want to.

I'm not quite ready to face Lucretia after this, tough. I'm going to pretend I'm doing useful research for a bit.

Old Book 6 - The Legendary Sindar Race posted:

Long ago, a mysterious people we know today as the Sindar dwelled in the land of Falena. Their civilization was far more technologically advanced than ours is today.

Scholars say, however, that the Sindar left this land for reasons unknown, never to return.

The Sindar race left behind many things to convince us of their existence.

For example, the ruins in the Deep Twilight Forest were build with technology that far surpasses anything we have now. No experts doubt that this was a dwelling of the Sindar race.

Some theorize, however, that the ultimate legacy of the Sindar race lies not only in ruins such as those in the Deep Twilight Forest. Indeed, perhaps the legacy of the Sindar race is this very land itself, Falena.

These theorists contend that after the land was reduced to ashes with the extinction of the Ancient Armes Dynasty, the Sindar race mysteriously appeared, managing to return the rich, green lushness to this beloved land.

Nobody knows why the Sindar disappeared. But some scholars insist that this race has not yet gone extinct...

These scholars say that the first Queen of legend, who descended to Lunas with the Sun Rune in hand, was actually from the Sindar race.

This theory may seem like mere speculation. However, one can indeed find many similarities between the seal statue of the Sun Run and ancient Sindar relics.

More proof of this intriguing theory is now being sought out by our best and brightest scholars.

...don't look at me like that, we're living in a Sindar castle, these things may be important later on!

(Although I think Frey's theory about the magical bust shop is probably about as likely to be true as anything written here.)

Well then, onward, to disappointment.

...except this is slightly better than the last one. I didn't know some of this already! So impressed.

I wonder what she'd do if I told everyone to call her Invisible Howl from now on.

I threw Retso that booze we found last time, and he upgraded his menu. This is pretty good stuff! I'll probably never use it, but it's good.

And finally, let's have a bath to... clear our minds or something, I don't know, leave me alone.

That damned Oboro! One of these days! I'm gonna make you pay!

Damned Godwins! My family's been storing up its rage for a hundred years! Worthless, filthy devils!

Damn you... Damn you all to hell!

Just you wait, Oboro! Heh heh heh... Wa ha ha ha ha!!

You don't deserve sunlight, or air! You deserve to be buried in garbage!


Maybe you should wait awhile...

Well, that doesn't make me feel clearer at all, and I think I need another bath. A private one, this time.

There's a fake rumor going around that I've been bullying Viki. It's totally not true. She's the one that opened that hole in the forest ruins' ceiling and let me out. I just wanted to know why she keeps denying it, that's all.

For the sake of everyone's sanity, stop asking.

...fine, I know, I've done everything I can to delay it. I can't put it off any longer, so let's go deliver the bad news. (music)

And an even heartier dwarven welcome! ...See? Told you I'd be here, human!

I never doubted you, Wabon!

I see two Dragon Cavalry soldiers... I trust the rest are waiting outside, Your Highness?

well see

about that

Uh, not exactly...

Please, forgive me! We were only able to get Roog and Rahal.

Our Commander has informed us that he cannot order the Dragon Cavalry to ride out. Yet he will not say why.

That doesn't make any sense!

Yes, it does, actually. It means Godwin got to him first.

Our Commander wouldn't side with Godwin! I can't believe that!

This is a grave accusation to make against the honorable Commander of the Dragon Cavalry. Are you certain?

Let's just say I have a feeling.

"And my feelings are always good -- get it?"

(Actually I rather doubt anyone will )

Well, we'll just have to make do with what we have for now.

Your Highness, the enemy advance is gaining speed. Childerich's troops are bearing down on Lelcar. And Lordlake is in the direct path of the Armes Southern Mountain corps.

Looks like we've only gotta worry about those two, though. The Armes Western Marine Corps hasn't left Estrise!

My best guess is he dispatched his troops just so he could keep an eye on things.

(That, and drive Alenia bonkers. Well, it could just be a bonus, too.)

Leave only a minimal number of troops on the eastern front. Redeploy and rest to defend Lelcar and Lordlake.

Can they even be defended? The odds are overwhelming!

We must hold out at least until the civilian population has been safely evacuated.

That's the whole plan? Not exactly up to your usual standards!

I'll take that as a compliment. I have ordered the evacuees to harvest all crops and gather all food supplies before leaving.

You're really taking your strategy that far?!

Yes. It's already underway. The enemy supply lines are quite long, especially the "visitors" from Armes. Their provisions should run low soon, and I'm not going to allow them to procure any locally.
That's where the situation stands now, Your Highness. We must protect Lelcar and Lordlake. I'll dispatch the necessary troops. Which force will Your Highness take control of?



Very well. However, we don't have much time, Your Highness.



Well now.

This ought to be "fun."