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Part 14: Faffing about in Fallen London

Journal entry 13 – Faffing about in Fallen London

The journal of Captain Petra Blackwood

February 6th, 1888

Today has been a very long day, but I feel better for it. Something about hearing the hustle and bustle of London goes a long way to reminding the crew – and me, too – of who we are, and what we're doing. And that we shouldn't let a little bit of darkness have us tearing our hair out.

Hello, Nightmares. Having Nightmares will have random events that have a chance to increase Terror happen at zee. They aren't too bad, all things considered.

Like normal, my first stop was the Admiralty office. I had a lot to report – including something of great significance. Between what my surgeon told me, and what I learned in Port Cecil, there was more going on than met the eye.

Some items can be used from your inventory, and pull up their own storylets. Strategic Information lets you do this.

The Admiral was, in fact, very interested. So interested he introduced me to one of his colleagues, and filled me in on another location where they needed a patriot to collect some information.

On the way out, I stopped by the Survey office, and dropped off my port reports.

While I was very eager to meet the Voracious Diplomat, I figured it would be impolite to drop in without a meeting. I sent an urchin to arrange such a thing, while I went and collected the boxes of Scintillack we had gathered in Port Cecil. I was very glad to have those things off of my ship.

While the Admiral has a commanding presence, the Widow surpasses him handily, without one even being able to see her. She informed me that my father was last departing for Visage, with something of interest to her in his possession. I will have to return to the island, hopefully with more success than my last visit.

With that meeting behind me, I went to visit the Diplomat – Who was happy to receive a good friend of the Admiral's, her assistant told me.

We talked at length about her and her role in London, and its goings-on. She had connections to the Admiralty, no doubt, and I am certain anything I bring to her will assist London, but it would also mean I'd never be reading about the results of what I've done in the papers – Or on half-penny broadsheets being sold on Ladybones Road.

Maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

All I had for her today was a tidbit of information about the moves in the Great Game, which I had no doubt she'd have more use for than the Admiral. She paid me well for it, too. Perhaps we shall do more business in the future.

With my government business concluded, I visited my merchant friend, to give to him a small mountain of zee-creature bones.

He told me he needed more dice. Or an elaborate collection of forgine works of art – the dice will be easier to get. Perhaps another trip north is in order.

I returned to the Unfinished to collect a few more belongings, but on my way to the Office of Marine Aquisitions, I was approached by a haggard-looking young zailor. He begged to be permitted to zail with me. He'd work for a pittance, he said, if I could get him out of London tonight. Well, he was missing an eye and a few teeth, but on Wolfstack that's mostly just a sign that you've had your share of voyages. I told him I didn't much need more zailors, but would be willing to sign him on if he would work for a single echo.

To my surprise, he said yes. His name is McClay. I handed him his pay and welcomed him aboard.

It's entirely possible for the officer recruitment roll to come up with only officers you already have, even if you don't have all of them. Whenever that happens, you always get a chance just to hire a single zailor. At least it's something.

I then made my trek to the Department of Marine Acquisitions. I needed a few more echos in my pocket, you see.

Because I am done living in a cramped room above a stinking zailor's rum-hole.

I didn't have much. The address itself cost several hundred echos. Properly provisioning it so I did not feel like a squatter in my own home took several hundred more. When I return to London, I deserve a place to rest my head and mind, and this place shall do spectacularly. I have even commissioned several paintings by up-and-coming artists from Veilgarden to create fungal still-lifes for me. None of this 'Surface fruit in a bowl' nonsense.

I also finally have my own study. It's not large, but it's large enough for proper work. When I feel I have made mastery of the Zee, I will catalog my adventures here – for my own erudition, and perhaps that of society at large.

All the things we can write. All the ones that raise stats cost 7 Secrets, so it's not a work-around to that expense, but some of those auxiliary items would be very valuable.

With all my official work done, I found myself in quite a jovial mood. Securing my own home, a PROPER home, through things earned via my travails at zee has made me feel more like a zee-captain than ever before. I spent some time out enjoying myself, and, while doing so, decided to get to know a few of my officers a bit better.

Turns out, many of them are quite surprising individuals. Or, they are the Irrepressible Cannoneer.

Never the less, I do have a greater appreciation for the officers under my command, now. And they've provided me with a few very interesting leads to follow out in the Zee – and an excuse to return to the Chapel of Lights.

I've gone and procured supplies for such a trip – replacing what the Cannoneer destroyed in the most remarkable spectacle of fire since one of Mr. Iron's zeppelins detonated over the coast. I've also bought enough supplies for illumination that I will be able to properly explore Nuncio – I won't let a little darkness keep me away from whatever secret is buried below that island.

As soon as my crew return from leave, we will be venturing back out to zee.

So, goons, something to consider for future visits - Should we favor the Dark-Spectacled Admiral, or the Voracious Diplomat? We will also, of course, need to decide on if we let the Widow in on what we learn of our father - but I'll save that vote for when we find our father's remains and see what he has.