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Part 39: A backwards approach

Journal entry 38 – A backwards approach

From The Journal of Captain Petra Blackwood,

December 26th, 1888

With my father safely ensconced in my little home, and sleeping off the result of our festivities last night, I set back out into the lacre-covered streets with not even two dozen echos in my pockets. Fortunately, while my wallet was empty, my ship's hold was full, and I had much to do before we departed once more.

I went and visited the Admiralty, where I turned in my port reports, and met a man introducing himself as Tehan, who was looking for a ship to zail on. If he was willing to sign up with the navy in this day-in-age, he must have been desperate, and the price he was willing to work for spoke to that.

After that, I went to deliver the Sphinxstone, but the Ministry men weren't there.

A woman who bears a striking resemblance, in some way I can't quite put my finger on, to the Commandant of the Grand Geode. She has that same predatory friendliness to her. She wanted me to do something with the stone, but I refused out-of-hand. I'll not deal with those people unless I need too.

Once she departed, I got a visit from an old acquaintance. I hadn't seen Penstock since Maybe's Daughter went under the Bazaar. He praised me for turning her down, and said he had another option for this load of stone.

He wanted me to take the rocks to Adam's Way. What the Presbyterate would want with them, I can't say, but it can't possibly be worse than leaving them at the Geode – Especially with how many of my crew would have to work to unload those giant things.

After that, I went to aquire more funds for the trip – more reliable ones. The Scholar and I took the time to have a little chat before getting down to business, which was a nice change. He (she?) purchased a good deal of curios from me, giving me the funds I need to get back out on the Zee. I'll be re-supplying and then heading east – East as far as we can go, and then circling south, with the goal of picking up goods in the Empire of Hands and catching a Snuffer on our way home.

I have also sold the weapon given to me at the Fathomhold, and purchased another Majesty, the front-mounted cannon I used before I completed the Momento Mori.

December 27th, 1888

I paid a short visit to Khan's Heart today.

I saw a man engaged in some kind of larceny, which seems certainly as common here as it is in London.

Normally, I assist such fellows, but recently I've noticed that the attentions of the White-and-Golds have been stimying my efforts here. If I ever want to advance, I'm going to have to make them think I'm harmless, and turning in criminals is certainly one way to do that... Even if the reward was insultingly little.

Omitting a fight with a Behemoustauce,

December 28th, morning - 1888

Another visit to Aestival

Another hold full of supplies and another zailor lost. I wish they would listen to me. I set them up in shifts, I arrange them into carful parties, I do my best to limit exposure to the Sun, and still, Quark has to wander off to try to collect a few things for himself. I realize the bounty here is incredibly alluring, but even so, it's not worth taking undue risks.

Not that Quark paid for it. Dancer, however, died nearly instantly upon setting foot in the sunbeam. According to popular legend, the more times you've died, the quicker the sun kills you. I can only imagine what his life was like before.

We gave him a burial at zee after pushing off from the island.

December 28th, evening – 1888

We arrived at the Chelonate today, but, as we were making landfall (turtlefall?), Lynneth raised the call that something quite large was moving between the floating carrion.

It was a Lorn-Fluke, which we quickly engaged. I still have need of its core!

While we lack some of the offensive power the Momento granted us, the Impeller kept us safely out of reach – meaning the Fluke was reduced to yelling at us to fight back. It's unnerving, and painful, and a few of the crew had to extinguish spots where the deck or clothing or hair ignited momentarily, but no serious harm was done.

The core was extracted, and its body studied. The stop at the Chelonate was, by comparison, very banal and hardly worth touching on.

December 29th, 1888

The stop at the Empire of Hands was quite productive, but not in all the ways I had imagined. My first stop was at the Wyldweald Court, where I exchanged Honey for more romantic literature that might be of interest to tigers.

While I was there, I also spoke to the Seneschal. She had a plan to acquire supplies for the zeppelin from the pirates, over on Hearthsake. I said I would consider it, of course. While there are some superficial similarities between me and them, they are, by and away, crude and unkempt, and prey on those who need shelter most from the Zee.

I visited Heartsake next. I wanted to give the Lost Treasure Hunter a chance of getting off the island, but he had been overcome with some new mania and couldn't let me speak. Wouldn't even let me trade for candles. Well, I reckon he'll be alright – he doesn't dine with the pirates, anyway.

The first step of the plan went exactly as intended. The pirates drank, and died, and their supplies were claimed for the Zepplin.

Once I returned to Port Stanton to check on the supplies, I learned there was a minor, mushroom-related setback after that, but nothing that can't be overcome. As I heard a few of the local apes talking about the possible sources of the Blemmigans, I decided to go for a short walk.

Along the coast, I found a place the monkeys rarely go. While exploring, I uncovered a little locket – Something that's probably very important to someone. I've decided to hold onto it for now. Maybe I can locate its owner.

My last order of business here is to investigate this map I'd been given – I've been studying on it for a while, and I think I understand what it wants me to do.

Now it's just a matter of following it.

Alright goons, we have a treasure map! Obviously, some of these – like the second line – can only be known from looking at the ambiance. However, most of them, we need to know about the lore and have been paying close attention. I would ask that people who know the answer not simply blurt them out – if you know for sure, spoiler it. If its conjecture, feel free to talk!

As an extra bonus – Who remembers who we've seen that also wears a locket? Spoiler that too, if you answer.