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Part 5: A Pirates Life Not For Me

I don't intend on becoming a pirate captain.

I wasn't suggesting we turn to piracy.
Remember, Ava: the Sunrider will always be carrying the flag of Cera.
So what are you suggesting?
PACT won't get away with what they did to our home. We're going to take the fight to them.
With just our one ship?
We'll find allies. We're not the only neutral world to have been conquered by them. We find others like us. Build a fleet together. And then retake all of our planets, one by one.
Hm. I suppose you've already got a plan.
Just like old times, Ava.

It's a good thing they put me as your first officer. I don't even want to imagine how much trouble you'd cause if I weren't here to clean up after you.
Hahaha. Come on now, is that all you can remember of me from high school?
Well, I do recall that you were certainly one of the most frustrating youths for a student council president to have to deal with. I remember the time you installed an anti-gravity device in the student council room. It was impossible getting everything cleaned up afterwards.
Ah, that little thing. Come on, you had a good laugh afterwards, didn't you?

No. In the meantime, what are your orders?
We'll warp to the nearest neutral planet: Tydaria. Chances are, after the fall of Cera, they're going to be jittery about PACT.
Understood. The ship will be prepared to warp at your command.
What's the status of the Sunrider?
She's had better days. We had to leave drydock before we could finish any of our tests. Our missile stockpiles are empty and our Vanguard cannon is still offline.

And that's not even the worst. We had to leave Cera before we could pick up any of our ryders. Not only that, but we're missing our chief engineer and our doctor. Both Research and Development and sickbay are still dark.
Try to make do with what we have. We'll have to resupply and finish our tests at Tydaria.
On that note, I have one more issue. Running a ship is going to take money. I've looked into some ways to raise some immediate cash. The various galactic powers all post bounties on rival factions. I've been putting together a folder containing letters of marque from governments currently aligned against PACT.
In other words, our only way of making money right now is privateering for other planets which have a grudge against PACT. Which is pretty much everyone, I'm guessing.
Alright, keep me posted on the money situation.

How are you holding up after what happened?

I'm ... fine, captain. There's no reason to worry about me.
Are you sure?
Yes. We've got more immediate problems than that.
I suppose you're right.
Still, if you need to talk about anything, my door's always open. Report to the bridge. I'll see you there once I'm ready.