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Part 27: Ava's Lament

Day by day, I feel the crew's discipline and the chain of command dissolving. I can see it in their eyes: the chances of a rescue are remote. Some of the rowdiest of our crew have even suggested starting a settlement. Here! I fear it is only a matter of time until we lose all control over the crew and we have a mutiny on our hands. Until then, I, First Officer Ava Crescentia, will do my best to maintain order! Even if …

Eh-heh ... you still have to call her Commander Crescentia, Asaga ...

No... no…

Permission to engage, commander?
Argh …
M-mercenary scum! EAAHH!!!
Haha! Too slow! As usual!
Hey Ava! So is it true you made out with the capt'n while you were in junior high?
… !
*long internal scream*



Ava… After Far Port I think everyone deserves a rest. The main PACT fleet's been dealt a decisive blow, and the next phase of this war will be fought in the Neutral Rim, and not Alliance Space. We put PACT on the defensive, and saved a few billion lives in the process. I think that calls for a bit of celebrating, don't you?
Those results were only possible through constant vigilance, captain! We cannot afford to let our guard down merely because we have won the first battle of the war. PACT still has a vast fleet. Cullen was a mere fool, but Arcadius isn't. PACT will be back!
Ava, out of all the people on board the ship, you need a break the most. When was the last time you did something fun?

Can wait. Buy yourself a swimsuit. Get some drinks. Make some mistakes. That's an order.
Absolutely unbelievable …


Eh? What do you mean?
All Alliance ship crews are single sex. I’ve always served on all-female ships.
I never knew the Alliance did things that way ...
Such measures were adopted to enforce discipline.
And does it?
Anyways, I can't believe all this stuff's all in one station!
The Lydia's one of the biggest resort space stations in Alliance space. Over 100 acres of beach and forest!
Huh, the commander's been gone for a long time.

We're back with some more food.
W-who's that babe with you captain!?

While it is my desire to run a tight ship ... sometimes exceptions must be made for the good of the crew. So let’s tap this keg already and get this over with!
(Well, that takes care of the food and drinks. Now, I wonder who I should talk with ...)

We can only have three conversations, so I want you to rank all six options in order of who you want to talk to from most to least, with 6 being most and 1 being least. I will then assign points based on the ranking and talk to the top three.