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Part 52: Any Port in a Storm

Haha, just kidding. We’re fine.

The Vanguard now has unlimited range, meaning that if you line it up right you can snipe units completely on the other side of the map. Command points are now capped at 4,000, which is coincidentally how much it costs to fire the Vanguard now. So when you max them out, there’s really no reason not to fire that bad boy off.

Something that I forgot to mention before now is the fact that the Paladin is now a true tank, with the ability to draw aggro. With the torpedo destroyers taken care of, there’s no reason not to park Kryska between your shield and flak units and let the enemy waste time trying to get to her.

Meanwhile, Asaga going glowy-eyed boosts the Black Jack in every way, at the cost of damage each turn. If you’re willing to devote the Liberty to healing it every other turn, though, it seems to be more than worth it.

That’s right, keep wasting those rockets.

Despite all odds the gunboats are still hanging in there, but they won’t be able to hold out too much longer.

Hell yes. Two Alliance battleships and two cruisers arrive in the knick of time.

Their kinetics start shredding the PACT capital ships, letting the gunboats get back to picking off the ryders.

About time. Let’s blast these bastards back to New Eden.

And start blasting we do, starting with that last support ryder.

One more for good measure.

With their carrier units gone, the rest is just mopping up the ryders and smaller capital ships.

Sometime during the maintenance, the tip prepper value was inverted back to zero and …

*general cheering and hullabaloo*

(She did undeniably save us … Could I have been wrong? Perhaps I was naïve to believe Lynn's words so unquestioningly ...)