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Part 61: Si Vis Pacem, Fac Bellum

Once again, a mixed Alliance/PACT force faces off against the Arcadius loyalists. This time though, they have a literal secret weapon.

Instead of a god-like invincible creature of legend, the Nightmare Ascendant is merely a ryder with an absolutely insane amount of HP. For reference, the Legion had 26,000 HP.

Each of the Nightmare’s wing … bits are practically a ship in and of themselves.

We ended the last battle with enough command points to fire off the vanguard, so might as well.

The PACT loyalist forces in the bottom of the map made the mistake of spawning right next to some of Fontana’s fast cruisers, and pay the price.

The problem with the drones is that they are heavily shielded and also small enough that hitting them with kinetics is difficult. Fortunately, when you DO hit them, their HP is fairly low so they are easy to one-shot.

This is such a target-rich environment that I have enough to fire the vanguard for a second turn in a row.

The Nightmare barely feels it, of course, but every little bit counts. We hit it a few more times, and then …

Minor damage detected on the Nightmare Ascendant's outer frame!
So it can be hurt. Keep it up, everyone.

To think a vile monster such as you could wield the power of the Sharrs … it’s repulsive.

And there's not enough room in the galaxy for three of us!

Remember when I said that Arcadius had finally run out of cannon fodder to throw at us? Turns out that’s not true. Our objective here is to destroy the Nightmare, and loyalist forces will continue to spawn until we do so.

Then Arcadius makes the truly baffling tactical decision to park herself right next to a fast cruiser, which will happily pour kinetic shots into her for the rest of the battle.

Also there’s one enemy support ryder on the field now, but Sola reaches out and touches it and the carriers will only spawn Arcadius units for the rest of the battle.

Absolutely no reason not to just keep firing this thing off whenever the command points tick up to 4,000.

Oh, WHAT!?

Multiple, independent torpedo launches with splash damage!?

You want to play with torpedoes, lady? Let’s play with torpedoes.

Okay, I’m starting to think Sola’s warnings of doom when this thing appeared weren’t baseless after all. Turns out the Nightmare’s lasers also do line-of-site damage like the vanguard. And all debuffs are only half effective against it, so Chigara can’t turn its shields or flak off entirely.

But it’s still just one target, and I’ve been upgrading my torpedo’s anti-flak rating. It takes a few more turns, including Icari being shot down, but finally ...

Shield drones deployed!

Oh yes I forgot to mention at some point the game started calling this particular prototype “Alice,” with no real explanation as to why. I’ve been ignoring it but couldn’t get away with that anymore in cutscene mode.

You fool … you’re thanking your enemy?! S-she betrayed your friendship! Stole the man you love!

No more, Prototype! Something so little ain't worth letting you wreck the galaxy over! Now, captain!
All ships target that ryder!


On your order.
This is it. FIRE!

Multiple hits … so many our sensors are having a hard time … confirmed! The Nightmare Ascendant has been destroyed! And the remaining enemy units are surrendering!
Yes! Accept their surrender, Ava!
Aye, captain.
(We did it. We won!)

All ships, prepare to take on prisoners. See to it that they are educated as to the truth of the creature they believed to be Veniczar Arcadius.
(And now, PACT must find a new path. We cannot hope to reform the galaxy if we are internally weak. Our efforts shall turn inwards. The poor and weak within our borders will be tended to by the government. And no longer will we overlook the suffering of our people for reckless misadventures in foreign space.)

Orders, sir?
Set course for Cera orbit. We’re all going home.

Later …

Asaga! I'm ... relieved you're all right ...
Chigara … I'm ... sorry! I was so stupid! I said all those things about you but in the end I was the one being manipulated by the prototypes. Nothing I do will ever absolve me ... but I just want you to know … please... make him happy for me, okay?
Of course! You're my friend, Asaga. No matter what happens that will never change.!
Chigara …

So these are tears of joy, then?
W-what!? I-I'm not crying! S-seriously ... W-who the hell do I think I am .... cryin' over something so stooopiiddd … WAAHHH!