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Part 62: Cera's Last Gleaming

Quite a view. I was afraid I'd never see it again.
I'm sorry. I really messed up, didn't I?
Well … perhaps. But you can't blame yourself forever, Asaga.

No … in the end, I was the traitor. And the worst part was that I wanted to be tricked. I wanted Chigara to be a spy, just so she'd disappear. I was ... selfish. And jealous. Someone like me ... isn't a hero.

I'm leaving, captain. Before the victory ceremony tonight.
I wish you wouldn’t, you know. It won't be a celebration without the leader of our ryder squad.
I don't deserve a celebration. Besides, I don't want to be in the way. Chigara deserves you a lot more than I do. In every possible way. So I'm going back to Ryuvia. With PACT pulling out, I need to go back right away. I'll stay there and rebuild Ryuvia as queen. Only then ... can I atone for what I almost did.
Asaga …

And I will accompany her.
You too, Sola?
Yes. I have never been one for parties. But I thank you, captain, for all you have done for me. However, the time has come for me to return home. My Ryuvia is long gone, but I wish to assist in whatever way I can to help it return to glory. Perhaps one day, we will be a society as mighty as we are fair and just.
All right ... If that's what you want, Sola.

Well then ...
Good bye, captain.
Good luck, Asaga.

(May our paths cross again.)

Later …

Oh dear, oh dear ...
You know, the ball isn't even until after the award ceremony. All you really need for the ceremony is a clean uniform.
I understand, but it helps to be prepared~
(She's already tried on her dress three times ...)
I just wish we were going down to the surface for this. It’s been too long since I left, but the station will be fine for now, I guess.

Okay, I'm ready now.
All right. What's your dress even look like?

Ah, ah, ah ... That's~ a~ secret~
Really ...
But I think you’ll like it~

Later, on the station …

And with this, peace has been restored to the Neutral Rim!
Glad your fleet could make it here in one piece, boy…
Admiral ... a pleasure, as always.
Do you think I should I tell all these reporters how the Alliance owes most of its successes to a foreign squad of young women?
Ehehehe …

So many important people are here ...
Don't worry. You're one of those important people too. You were the one who stopped the prototypes and saved everyone.
I'll try not to embarrass you too much, captain ...
Don't worry about things like that. Just let the admiral make his speech and give you the medal. It shouldn't be that hard for the Hero of Cera, right?


Meanwhile, back on the ship …

Ava didn’t even get an invite to the victory party. Typical.

(I never did get along with her, but someone needs to ensure that Claude’s personal effects are properly stored.)

(We knew next to nothing about her, we don’t have anything about any next of kin … Claude ... just who was she?)
(A holo? Could this help us track down her relatives?)

… What … is this …?

… and while we mourn for those who gave their lives for this victory, we must also commemorate the living. Many distinguished themselves in the battle to liberate Cera. The Solar Cross is the highest honor the Alliance can bestow upon a foreign national. And it is my pleasure to present the Cross to Chigara Lynn Ashada, whose technical knowhow was instrumental in thwarting the enemy's attack. We owe our lives to you, young lady.

*clapping way more enthusiastically than everyone around him*

Thank you, admiral.
And now you can all die.