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Part 64: The Paradox Contingency

I'm so sorry, captain, I really am.
So … is killing me part of the Alliance’s “Paradox Contingency?” Funny how that has the same name as PACT’s ultimate weapon. The one I know I saw the Alliance destroy.
That's classified, captain!
Do you really think what the Alliance is doing is right, lieutenant?
… I …


Ah hell, that was way too much explosive. Captain! Commander! Some idiot sealed the airlock and … whoa!

What are you DOING, Kryska? You really were an Alliance spy?
Got a problem with that, mercenary?
Lower your weapon!
Sorry. Orders are orders ...
Stop! You said ... we were ... comrades in arms! Family!
I … I trust you, Kryska ...

You ...! ARGHH!

Can you walk, lieutenant?
Don't worry, it's nothing … I ...
You asshole … scaring me like that ...
I ... apologize.

Later ...

Captain, we have both PACT and Alliance active sensors lighting up. They’re … both fleets are attempting to get an active lock on the Sunrider.
I have a feeling that’s the least of our worries at the moment. What’s the Paradox Contingency, lieu … Kryska?
… It's called a Tactical Paradox Warhead, or TPW. We were able to reverse engineer a few warheads from scans taken of the original Core. It’s much smaller than the original; small enough to be mounted on a torpedo. It's not nearly as destructive as the Core, but … well, that means it’s “only” able to destroy a planet and nearby satellites instead of a whole solar system.
This was the Alliance's backup plan, wasn't it … to destroy Cera, the entire PACT fleet, and all their leaders. All with a single torpedo.
T-the Alliance military plans for all contingencies, captain. We didn’t know how deep the prototype infiltration was within PACT … or the Sunrider.
How many ships do we have to fight to reach the torpedo?
The Alliance has nearly a hundred ships in system … and PACT about the same.

We are Cera's last line of defense against our enemies. The Sunrider still has one last fight in her.
Heh. I suppose you're right … can we perform a short range warp to close the distance?

Without ... the chief engineer, it is difficult to say. The jump will undoubtedly be rough.
And the status of our ryder squad?
Just the Phoenix and the Paladin, captain.
(Asaga ... Sola … at least you two are safe ...)
U-uh ... Who is this ...? This is a secure comm channel, you’ll have to ...
You forgot about me!?

IT'S COSETTE, YA DUMBASS! The prisoner you stuffed into the brig and then forgot entirely about!?
O-oh! C-Cosette!
I've heard what's going on from the security guards! There's no way I'm gonna die here without a fight and it looks like you've pretty much pissed off every power in the galaxy right now! Let me out and I'll fight for you!

Captain ... there’s no way we can trust her.
Heh. Well, it's not like things can get any worse. All right Cosette, you’ve got a deal. I'll let you out. And I hear the hanger crew even fixed up your ryder as a hobby job. Help us, and I'll protect you from the Alliance.
Looks like we finally see eye to eye for once. All right! It's a deal!
Even with three ryders, we are no match for the entire Alliance and PACT fleets.
I know. This is going to be her last flight.
All hands, this is the captain. We will perform an emergency sort-range warp jump to emerge in the heart of the Alliance fleet! From there, we will perform a frontal assault through their lines until we are in range of the vessel carrying the Alliance’s plant-killers. Ryders are to escort the Sunrider until she has reached her destination.

... Awaiting your orders, captain.