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Super Adventure Rockman

by Oyster

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Original Thread: If Shenmue were searching for Wily: Super Adventure Rockman


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Welcome to Super Adventure Rockman, an obscure Japanese-only Saturn and PSX Megaman FMV game. Some of you may be asking why the fuck am I LPing two Megaman games in a row, and the answer is simple. This isn't a Megaman game.

While the characters are taken from the Megaman universe, the game alternates between animated cutscenes, making decisions from a list of text options, and fighting in a first-person shooter mode. It takes place between Megamans 5 and 6, and while it is decently enjoyable to watch, it isn't all that fun to play for various reasons. Cutscenes are unskippable, making it impossible to see all of the paths without dealing with a half hour of video multiple times, and the entire game takes place in this screen:

Quite a small screen for most of the video to be played through. I will be editing out all of the edges for the videos, only leaving them in when they are necessary: the decisions and the battles.

The game features all the Robot Masters from MMs 1-3, with the Robot Masters from 1 being reprogrammed yet again, and this time help Mega out. The others are fought throughout the game. The story is simply that Dr. Wily has uncovered an ancient alien supercomputer hidden in the ruins of the Amazon, which he uses to revive his various Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and 3. The ruins are also somehow capable of ceasing almost all the machinery and electricity in the world, also causing deleterious effects on robots. Roll is quickly affected (because she's a girl, I kid you not), so Dr. Light immunizes Mega Man and his brothers, and sends them to stop Dr. Wily before it's too late.

I have received more than a few questions as to where this falls in the timeline (yes, there is one) so I will throw the timeline from my normal Megaman OPs here:

So yeah. A lot of shit happens in 2011.

The game also features episodic gameplay ala the .hack series, though all three episodes are included in the game. It is quite possible to start with Episode 3, however doing so would start you without any of the weapons from episodes 1 and 2, making it extremely difficult.

As this game is entirely in Japanese, I will be translating the entire game myself, using subtitles during the numerous cutscenes and talking over the decisions and battles. As such, updates will probably come twice a week. I will also be using the Japanese names, so Megaman will be Rockman (Dr. Light often refers to him as Rock) and Proto Man will be Blues. No other changes really exist. This is my first major translation job, so if there are any glaring errors, feel free to point them out. Also, 13/f/cali may appear alternate storyline. When he does I will add them to the OP.

Without further ado, onto the videos! The videos will be hosted on both Gamevee and Grimfiend. I recommend checking them out on Grimfiend since it uses the actual source file without conversion, though I know it doesn't like to load properly for some people.

Chapter 1: That's one random temple. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 2: Sticking a tongue out at metal. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 3: Water beats fire, fire beats....flash? Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 4: The end. Of Episode 1. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 5: Finally, Blues and Rock together. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 6: March of the Suzy's. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 7: Exploding snakes Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 8: The End. Of Episode 2. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 9: Crushing Some Magnets. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 10: Too bad he doesn't have thunder hammers. Grimfiend Viddler

Chapter 11: The End. Of Super Adventure Rockman. Grimfiend Viddler
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