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Super Bomberman 2

by ThornBrain

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---The Game---
Super Bomberman 2 is the 1994 sequel to Super Bomberman. It undoes many of the changes that made the original so easy and refocuses it into a deceptively challenging game: death means a level restart, there's almost no invincibility at all, and you can kill yourself with just the stage design in many places. However that also means the game is repetitive and clearly meant for its multiplayer, not for its story mode. Still, it's a decent way to kill an hour and a half.

The Story is Such:
According to Wikipedia, because there's no other way to find a story for this game:
"Five evil cyborgs, called the "Five Dastardly Bombers" are bent on taking over the universe. At the planet Earth, they capture the original Bomberman, and he is placed in a prison cell in their base. He awakens in the dungeon of Magnet Bomber and must fight his way to a final showdown with the Magnet Bomber himself. In the following four levels, Bomberman will challenge Golem Bomber, Pretty Bomber, Brain Bomber, and their leader, Plasma Bomber in an effort to free the Earth of these alien invaders as well as save himself."
If you can gather that from just the game, well done.

---The LP---
This is a very quick LP in the same vein as the LP of the original: there are five worlds, each with their own 10-18 minute video, and the whole LP will be around an hour in length total. My co-commentators are BigTUnit1, Highwang, and Word on the Wind.

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