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Super Bomberman 3

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



---The Game---
Super Bomberman 3 is the 1995 sequel to both Super Bomberman 2 and Bomberman '94. It's the first of the Supers to not to be released in America, which is a shame, because it's as solid and fun as the previous ones, coupled with one of June Chikuma's best set of mixes.

The Story is Such:
Bagular, fresh from you kicking his ass in Bomberman '94, finds and resurrects the corpses of the Five Dastardly Bombers, rotting from you kicking their asses in Super Bomberman 2. They invade five single-biome planets and steal power chips of some kind, like you do. Bomberman, with the help of his Louie friends, sets out to stop them.

---The LP---
Quick run through, like my previous LPs. My co-commentators for this LP are Heavy Sigh and SorataYuy.

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