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by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



---The Game---
The final full-length LP of the Megathread also happens to be the final game in the Super Bomberman subseries. Released in 1997 in Japan only, the game is a nostalgic journey through all of the worlds, tilesets, and frustrations of the previous four games. Each world reuses assets from its related Super Bomberman: Zone 1 is SB1, Zone 2 is SB2, etc, with Zone 5 being all-new assets for SB5.
The game plays non-linearly: after you complete a stage, portals open up that may take you to the level immediately after, to a level far ahead of where you are now, or even take you to a previous level. The game keeps track of what stages you've completed, and it can be a monster to figure out how to get to some of them without a guide. This makes SB5 the most completionist-inciting out of any 2D Bomberman, and perhaps more so than some of the 3D action-adventure titles.

The story is such:
(Once again copied from Wikipedia because I had this all wrong while commentating the LP)
An evil Bomber named Emperor Terrorin who has the power of Time itself has freed various criminal Bombers from their prison cells in orbit around Planet Bomber. Setting them up in a warped time and space, Shirobon, Kurobon, and their Louie (Rui) companions must travel through stages and defeat them before going up against Emperor Terrorin himself.

---The LP---
Due to the non-linear, pain-in-the-ass-to-navigate nature of the game, the first part of the LP is just a straightforward run-through of the game. Every part after shows off each stage I missed in a zone, most parts without commentary due to the franchise's usual repetition being amped up to a tiring extreme. The first and final parts will show off both endings, at least, and at the end I will have conclusively 100%'d the game. If you wish to attempt a 100% run yourself, you'll want to keep the GameFAQs walkthrough bookmarked.
My co-commentators are Highwang and SorataYuy, except for Zones 2-4 where there is no commentary.

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